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CRM Sales Analytics

BI Suite for CRM Sales Analytics – Purpose

BI-CRM Sales Analytics is a comprehensive analytic solution that provides timely and fact-based insight into the entire sales process.

We often face such requirements where we are supposed to present SAP BW’s standard content as the start-up. Here I am presenting my approach for CRM sales analytics as per my project experience.

CRM Sales

The benefits are faster and more informed decisions that help the sales organization compete more effectively, lower sales costs, and achieve better results.

CRM Sales Cycle

CRM Sales Cycle

BI Suite for CRM Sales Analytics – Approach

CRM Sales Approach

















This scenario is built upon the steps of a common Sales approach captured through CRM system.

It starts with activities for reaching out to customers via various channels like advertisement, inquiry and old relationships.

After this we define an opportunity, which comprises of expected sales revenue, opportunity pipeline and competitor information.

With help of all this information, quotations are created and submitted to the customer.

Once quotation is won, a contract is created and accordingly sales orders are made.

CRM Activities Analysis 
  • Sales managers can monitor their sales team’s daily work
  • Sales representatives can keep track of their own activities.
  • Sales managers can see the success rate of activities
  • Sales managers can analyze mode of customer contact (initiated by the customer or the sales team)
  • Sales managers can evaluate the intensity of their customer care.
  • Sales managers can analyze activities in conjunction with the associated products to assess their sales strategy
CRM Activities Analysis – Queries
Intensity of Customer Care (Owner) :

In order for the sales manager to assess how much time is spent with customers, this query provides details on how many activities have been processed by the owner of the activity, as well as much time was spent on each activity. It includes both the total duration of the activity, as well as how much time the employee spent in direct contact with the activity partner

Technical Name: 0CSAL_C01_Q0002

Activity History:

This query displays the number of activities that have been created over the last 12 months.

Technical Name: 0CSAL_C01_Q0016

Success/Failure Analysis:

When monitoring the sales process, sales managers need to know which business activities have been successful in reaching the stated goal. This query provides a clear overview of activities undertaken in a certain time period with the status that has been set by the user, such as completed successfully or unsuccessfully, together with the reason for that status.

Technical Name: 0CSAL_C01_Q0006

CRM Opportunities Analysis
  • As an outcome of Lead Management Process (from Activities), “Hot Lead” is generated and is approved by Sales Manager. As soon as it is approved, Lead should be converted to Opportunity.
  • Set of analytics for evaluating both opportunities and the processes •Predicted sales revenue from opportunities
  • Expected product revenues
  • Opportunity pipeline information
  • Opportunity analyses for future sales strategy (future marketing campaigns)
CRM Opportunities Analysis – Queries
Pipeline Analysis per Phase:

Sales managers need a quick overview of which opportunities in their area are in which phase in order to spot any potential problems or delays. This query displays the opportunities with the prospective customer and employee responsible so that managers can see immediately whether an opportunity is taking too long in a particular phase, or whether an important customer needs more attention, for example.

Technical name: 0CRM_C04_Q0020

Completed Opportunities According to Status:

This query lists the opportunities that have been closed or completed within a certain time period. The information includes the status of the opportunity so that you can see, for example, whether the opportunity was won or stopped.

Technical name: 0CRM_C04_Q007

Top Five Opportunities

This query displays the five most valuable opportunities for a specific sales organization according to the expected sales volume.

Technical Name: 0CRM_C04_Q013

Win/Loss Analysis for Opportunities:

In order to plan which customers should be targeted, or to see where your company is having difficulty generating sales, sales managers need to analyze which opportunities lead to sales orders and which are not successful. This query therefore provides you with lists of opportunities per employee or sales organization with their status (won or lost) and the reasons for this status, as set by the employee.

Technical name: 0CRM_C04_Q001

CRM Quotations Analysis
  • After proposal is uploaded the Sales person is informed to determine Price and submit the proposal to the customer. The sales person will input the effort and the price per effort unit so that the selling price of the proposed product gets determined.
  • The quotation will be replicated to R/3 so that it can be linked with project system element to capture the proposal preparation effort.
  • Analyze sales quotations and sales orders
  • Monitor the sales transactions that have taken place in organization at a detailed level
  • e.g. keeping track of what products are offered, sold and delivered to the customers.
CRM Quotations – Queries
Sales Quotation Tracking

This query provides an overview of all the quotation items for a particular time period, sold-to party or sales organization. It lists them according to their status so that you can see the proportion of items with the statuses: Accepted, Rejected and Expired

Technical Name : 0CSAL_C05_Q0002

Sales Quotation Success Rate

This query enables you to monitor the proportion of quotations that have been converted into sales orders, in other words, successfully completed. It lists quotations according to sales area and product, and provides the net value of quotation items in the quotation as well as the net value of items that are then copied to sales orders.

Technical Name : 0CSAL_C05_Q0003

Sales : Open Quotations Per Region

This query displays all the quotations with statuses “open” and “in processing” for sales orders in a particular sales organization. It shows both the open quotation value as well as the quotation value that has already been converted into sales order values, thus providing sales managers with an overview of potential sales revenue across their sales teams’ territories.

Technical Name : 0CSAL_C05_Q0004

CRM Contracts Analysis
  • Once the quotation is won, Legal department should be intimated to initiate the contract creation and negotiation process to capture the total effort of deliverables and price for the same.
  • Capture the contract’s quantifiable inputs andstandard clauses to create a contract document.
  • Contract analysis provides a range of analyses for sales contracts (both value and quantity)
  • Detailed analytical information about current and closed sales contracts
  • Monitoring of sales contracts to analyze customer’s buying habits
  • Keeping track of the sales process
  • Aids customer retention
CRM Contract Analysis – Queries
Completed Sales Contracts

This query lists all completed sales contracts, that is, those have either reached their target values or quantities, or that have been rejected.

You can use this information to see which customers need to be contacted in order to find out whether the contract should be renewed, or whether it has been completely cancelled.

Technical Name : 0CSAL_C04_Q0005

Top Five Contracts

This query displays the five value contracts with the highest cumulated target value in ascending order of their value. Sales managers can use this query to view the fulfillment rate and to monitor the status of their most important contracts.

Technical Name : 0CSAL_C04_Q0007

Cancelled Contracts

This query lists all those sales contracts (both quantity and value contracts) that have been cancelled.

Technical Name : 0CSAL_C04_Q0002

CRM Sales Orders Analysis
  • Identifies the most profitable customers
  • Knows which product is selling
  • Analyzes market trends and geographical buying patterns
  • Knows the profit generated by each product
  • Compare against budget per product group and/or sales person
CRM Sales Orders Analysis – Queries
Incoming Orders for Month

This query displays the number and value of all incoming orders (regardless of status) per sold-to party and sales organization for a certain time period. It also contains the average item value for the sales orders concerned.

Technical Name : 0CSAL_C03_Q0001

Best Selling Products

This analysis displays the top 10 best-selling products within a certain time period. You can use it to help decide which products to offer a customer, for example, in an Internet sales shop.

Technical Name : 0CSAL_C03_Q008

Open Sales Orders

This query lists open sales orders for a certain sold-to party and time period. The query contains details of the order items and values. It informs you which items are still open, that is, not partially or undelivered.

Technical Name : 0CSAL_C03_Q0002

CRM Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline Analysis

Sales pipeline and Sales funnel are used to emphasize the volumetric changes in the sales process of a company.

Funnel and Sales Pipeline Analysis

A large amount of sales opportunities can fit into the top wide portion of the funnel. However, as you move down toward the funnel neck, less and less opportunities can fit.

  • Complete picture of CRM sales process
  • Conversion ratio at each phases
  • Capturing of efforts by sales representatives
  • Consolidation of revenue flow during sales cycle 
CRM Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline Analysis – Queries
Sales Pipeline Analysis:

By providing the details of leads, opportunities and quotations that have been created within a certain sales organization, this query informs you of your sales pipeline, that is, potential revenue that can be gained from sales reflected by transactions currently in the pre-sales process.

Technical Name: 0CSALMC02_Q002

Lead Funnel Analysis:

This query enables you to analyze your lead funnel, that is, how many leads actually gave rise to opportunities, quotations, and eventually sales orders. It compares the number of leads with the values for opportunities and quotations and calculates the resulting sales volume for a particular sales organization.

Technical Name: 0CSALMC02_Q001

I hope SAP BW consultants will be benefitted with this information.

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  • Ashish,
    I’m Silvia Backes from CRM Sales Product Management and would like to give some more info on this topic. To proceed the Success / Failure Analysis you can also use the query 0CSAL_C01_Q0015. It contains some more key figures and characteristics. It enables sales managers to analyze how successful the activities were that belong to any of the members in his team. It displays the completed activities from the last 12 months. For this query we also deliver the appropriate BI Web template (0TPLB_0CSAL_C01_Q0015_1).
    Similar for the Intensity of Customer Care Report  for the query 0CSAL_C01_Q0019 and BI Web template 0TPLB_0CSAL_C01_Q0019_1.
    I’ll create a blog with an overview of web templates we deliver in the Sales Professional Role.
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