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BW Objects technical name changeability for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP Netweaver

SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation, version for SAP Netweaver (BPC_NW  / BPC NW), transports operate by transferring metadata about the existing source BPC_NW configuration to a target system.  Upon successful import into the target system, the metadata describing the new (or changed) BPC_NW objects described in the transport is used to recreate/change BPC_NW objects in the target system.

BW users that wish to connect to these objects should be aware of which objects will retain their original (source system) technical name, and which should not be counted upon to remain static.


SAP Note 1445688 advises that  “… (the) BPC_NW transport is designed to guarantee the info object technical names of BPC dimensions (will remain) identical between source and target system”.  In other words , BPC_NW transports will not change the technical name of the BW info object associated with a particular BPC Dimension.


Likewise I have confirmed that the BW attribute technical names associated with BPC_NW Dimension Properties also will not be changed by transport.  As with the BPC_NW Dimensions, the technical name retention is by design of the transport.


The BW technical name of the BPC_NW Application is a different situation.  These applications can be “fully optimized” and as a result the data model of an optimized application may change.   The current solution is for the underlying BW info provider to be deleted then recreated with the new data model.  BPC_NW transports of application configuration act in a similar manner.   The technical name of the BPC_NW application in the target system is not guaranteed to match the technical name of the same application in the transport source system.


The generated BPC_NW multi info provider does retain its technical name after transport.  This is also by design of the transport process.


If configuration is allowed to be performed directly in the target system the technical ID coding the application (a two character designation that is unique for every application…”QW” in the examples below) may be used.  As a result, this two character combination will not be available for generating the same technical ID as in the source system upon importing the transport.

In summary, the following BW object’s technical name retention after transport (assuming the above limitations do not apply) is as follows:

InfoObjects (Dimensions) – technical name is retained


Attributes (Properties) – technical name is retained

Info Provider (Applications) – technical name can be changed!


Multi Info Providers- technical name retained


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  • Nice explanation :-).
    I was afraid of something similar. In my last project the consulting firm requested me a data retraction from BPC to ECC. I made an ABAP program, with the application/BW infocube technical name hardcoded in it.
    I know it’s a very custom development (and hope nobody else has to do something similar :-P), but if for any reason the application name changes my program won’t work (unless someone changes the infocube name…).
    • Hi,
      We had similar requirement for retraction, but our team developed abap code using the standard function modules available to read the technical name of BPC cube using the application name.