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Why Have a Book on the SLD?

As I start most of my blogs “SAP NetWeaver System Landscape Directory is the most important provider of landscape information.” When you try to find out about a new piece of software you can read through the online documentation and SDN blogs – and this is still recommendable when you have started working with it. To get an overview of the concepts of a new tool it might nicer to have a book – that’s why we wrote it. It was an option to describe the SLD as a whole, paint the big picture, give some information beyond the online help.

Our book has two parts, one that introduces the SLD, the concepts and use (supported with many screenshots) one that contains some information that is not part of the “main stream” documentation, namely how to write programs using SLD data.

SLD Book Cover - German Version

Figure 1: SLD Book’s Cover “SAP NetWeaver System Landscape Directory – Grundlagen und Praxis” – German Version (click picture to get a larger view)

Content Overview

Chapters 1 – 5 give an overview; chapters 6 – 10 provide in-depth information on the SLD. Here are the details:

Kapitel / Chapter

Titel / Inhalt der deutschen Ausgabe

Title / Content (as it would look like in an English version)


System Landscape Directory / Einführung in Funktionen,  Konzepte, Architektur und Verwendung des SLD

System Landscape Directory / Introductions to functions,  concepts, architecture, and usage of the SLD


Sammlung der Daten für das SLD / Welche Daten werden auf welche Weise im SLD gesammelt?

Gathering Data in the SLD / Which kind of data is gathered in the SLD and how?


Datenaustausch zwischen SLD-Systemen / Wie werden Daten zwischen mehreren SLDs in der Landschaft verteilt?

Data Exchange between SLDs / How can Data be distributed between several SLD systems in the landscape


Nutzung des SLDs: Client-Anwendungen / Details zur Nutzung des SLDs

Using the SLD: Its Client-Applications / Details on the use of SLD data


SLD-Systeme in der Systemlandschaft / Wie viele SLD-Systeme werden in Landschaften benötigt und welche Mechanismen des Datenaustausches sollten verwendet werden?

SLD-Systems in the Landscape / How many SLDs are necessary in a landscape and which mechanisms of data exchange should you use?


Administration / Hinweise zu Wartung, CIM Instance Browser, Sicherheit und Sizing

Administration / Notes on Maintenance, CIM Instance Browser, Security, and Sizing


Synchronization im Detail / Tiefer gehende Hinweise zu Mechanismen der Daten-Synchronisation im SLD mit Problembeschreibungen

Synchronization in Detail / In-depth notes on mechanisms of data Synchronization in the SLD including problem descriptions.


Datenmodell / Datenablage im SLD, CIM-Modell und das davon abgeleitete SLD-Modell

Data Model / Storing data in the SLD, CIM-Model and the SLD model derived from it.


Registrierung von Nicht-SAP-Systemen / Vorgehen und Datenformate beim Registrieren von Drittanbieter-Systemen

Registration of Non-SAP-Systems / Procedure and data formats when registering 3rd-Party-Systems


Programmierung / Nutzung der offenen Schnittstelle des SLD mit Beispielen

Programming / Using the open interface of the SLD including examples


CIM-Modell zu AS ABAP und AS Java

CIM Model of AS ABAP and AS Java

Table 1: SLD Book – Table of Contents

Here’s the link to the German publisher’s content description: (publisher’s page describing the book; description in German) also containing a “Leseprobe”, parts of chapters 6 and 7 (as PDF-file) people able to read German can read prior to buying the book.

How to get the Book?

At the moment the German version can be found here:

As said several times the English version cannot be ordered since there is no commitment at the moment to translate and produce it, but since this depends on the expected interest in such a version here is my question:

  • “Would you consider buying an English version if it were available?”
  • If the answer is yes just indicate your interest in an English version of the SLD Book in the comments. Note that this is not an order you’re placing and that we cannot promise that the English version will become available.
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    1. Wolf Hengevoss
      Post author
      That was quick, thanks a lot everybody! Just two remarks: Automated tools I think will not be used be the publisher for quality reasons. For the same reason we the authors as native speakers of the German language did not write this book in English…

      If replies keep coming I’ll definitely have interesting info for the publisher.

  1. Luis Lu
    An English version of this would be really nice, and I think these days the translation would be actually quite easy with all these automated tools…
  2. Wolf Hengevoss
    Post author

    Dear all,

    thanks to those interested! But sorry, no update on this book in an English version… Good news, however, is that you will find a lot of information on the SLD @ the SCN:

    On page Landscape Descriptions, which brings a lot of information on LMDB, SAP’s product model and related tools you’ll find the SLD, too:

    I hope you’ll like it. Feel free to tell people about it, if you do.

    Best Regards,

    Wolf Hengevoss

    SAP AG


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