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SAP Active Global Support Hot Topics focus on the many dynamics of the business unit. I interview a subject matter expert on a variety of high level topics about the offering and report on them in this column. Among the topics we have covered so far include the importance of Remote Access & Supportability and SAP’s approach to their maintenance strategy. Some future topics might include the Customer Center of Expertise, Application Life-Cycle Management, End-to-End Operations, and many more.

On the next episode of SAP Active Global Support Hot Topics I discuss the Run SAP Methodology. I spoke with Sixto Castro Business Development Director with SAP Active Global Support, about how Run SAP Methodology can help customers better manage the high speed of innovation, integration, risk and total cost of operations (TCO). Below is a synopsis of our discussion.

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What is the Run SAP roadmap?

The Run SAP roadmap is the process to implement best practices. In order to effectively run an SAP solution from an IT perspective, end to end tools, procedures, and roles and responsibilities must be in place. A portfolio of SAP Services as well as training and certification are available to assist customers in the implementation of  this methodology.


What are the best practices?

The “best practices” are also known as end-to-end solutions operations standards.  These standards are designed to help you optimize your operations. 

How do the roadmap and best practices fit into SAP Enterprise Support?

The roadmap and best practices are included at no cost as part of SAP Enterprise Support.  SAP also offers services and consulting at an additional fee to help you implement the best practices and standards based on a do-it-yourself approach.

What is the educational approach for Run SAP Methodology?

For the most part, all information around the methodology is offered as self service. The customer can access all the reference documents and assets via the SAP Service Marketplace.  There are general introductions as well as details of the different components of Run SAP Methodology.

Sometimes a customer’s individual situation may require greater involvement with SAP (possibly an implementation that focuses on operations, the complexity of their particular technical landscape, or their current delivery capacity.) SAP also collaborates with several of our major partners through a Run SAP methodology certification program.

How does Run SAP and the E2E solution operations standards benefit the customer and their business?

At the core of the Run SAP Methodology are the End to End solution operation standards. These standards are the proven best practices that apply to the different functions an IT department has to deliver to the business. These standards are the key to lower TCO; the better the customer optimizes their operations, the lower their TCO.

How can the Run SAP Methodology and the E2E solution operations standards save the customer and act as a Superhero?

After the E2E standards have been implemented using the Run SAP Methodology, customers can gain transparency in their IT operations.

Let’s look at examples from various many levels of the organization:

  • Proactive monitoring and alerts, tools and knowledge help IT operation teams quickly handle problems and organize their work week, thus minimizing the need to spend their weekends looking over or troubleshooting potential problems.
  • Greater transparency into who is doing what and at what part of the process means managers will have clarity around roles and responsibilities to better gauge targets in the department.
  • Because they have a more accurate understanding of their operations, IT Directors and Vice Presidents are able to support their organizations’ business strategies better (growth, continuity, availability, new business models introduction from a technical perspective, support needs, etc).

What are some key takeaways for the readers today on the topic of Run SAP?

It is important to remember to implement standardized processes because it can lower your costs and streamline your operations. The methodology itself allows for mini-projects so that benefits can be realized quickly, obviously observing dependencies in the concepts and practices.

It’s never too late to start the journey, and since customers already have practices in place, the start of such implementation should not be difficult.

When a company works with IT best practices, standards as well as the right tools, their business operations are optimized to their fullest potential.

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