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Socialization of Programs: It is alive!

Last week I attended Istanbul BusinessObjects BI Forum. SAP has this remarkable strategy of SAP Analytics: Products are getting simple, seamless, social. As an analysis freak I am fascinated by the direction of BI tools.


For sometime I was searching for a documentation solution to work with Solution Manager. In our BI-IP projects I have achieved a documentation methodology which give me documentation of my infocubes, infoobjects, aggregation levels, FOX formulas etc.. (I plan to write a blog about it in near future.) I like to pack up all developments in one file 🙂 But real problem is that how can you visualize your work, how can you document your team’s work so that every player can substitute each other in the match by looking at the playbook?

When I see Social Network Analyzer, I have been enlightened. I had this idea of “Socialization of Software layers/objects”. Like we relate each other in society, so do applications relate in landscape. They have interfaces, languages, groups, inputs and outputs. A simple documentation need of mine make me philosopher searching for how software is living like an organism. Then I realized we should set free Social Network Analyzer tool to cherish every program with human being. Don’t you think software and humans touch each others lives? We live with SE80’s, reports, infocubes, transactions everyday. Developers give them birth, heal them, some work for you, some does not like you.

There is no doubt Social Network Analyzer is the perfect tool to visualize all relationships in your company. When you try this product please try to imagine a platform you can analyze who is working with your reports mostly. You analyze the value of your developers in a way that which developer give birth to the program for company’s best practices. If you are a developer think that each custom development is documented with request numbers in social network analyzer linked with you.


Here you can discuss how to live peacefully with software. Please take a close look at the software yourself, using the SAP BusinessObjects OnDemand platform at by SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center .

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