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Commitment update in the Service. Availability Control Error!…. why?

Commitment update in the Service. Availability Control Error!…. why?


Based on our experience in message solving, we have found this question happens very often and it is understood as a problem in Funds Management.

This would be a common situation:

  • A service PO with quantity = 1 and price 10.000,00. Hence, total PO value is 10.000,00
  • Post a Service Entry Sheet by quantity = 1 and price 2.000,00. In theory, there is still an open amount remaining in the reference PO by 8.000,00
  • User tries to post a new Service Entry Sheet but the system issues a ‘Budget Exceeded error’. Why?

Looking for notes under PSM component is not successful.

Such behaviour is described in these notes, among others:

38744              MM-SRV: Commitment reduced after first acceptance

93951              Commitment is completely phased out

433597            Commitment update for services or invoicing plan

634298            FAQ: Commitment update in the service

Basically, the budget exceeded situation occurs because the PO Unit of Measure  is set as ‘Quantity-based’. Therefore, the first SES completely reduces the reference PO on a quantity basis. Subsequent SES’s would directly consume additional budget instead of continuing to reduce the reference PO. If budget is exhausted, an AVC error occurs.

This should be solved by setting the base Unit of Measure as ‘Value-based commitment’ in transaction CUNI:


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