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We are currently working on a new version (2.46) of webElements.




Although there are no new functions in this build, there is a much easier way to submit to / target named windows, iframes, and current windows. The number of submit buttons and links has been drastically reduced so that it is easier to figure out how to target a window and what control to use. There is also a sample report that shows you the various submit controls and methods.


All submit controls can now open multiple reports and or web intelligence documents.



There are a lot of bug fixes as well and we have been striving to eliminate a lot of the cross-browser issues…i.e. more of the functions should be trouble free in Firefox or Safari. There are still some issues so please have a look at the readme.txt in the download. 


The beta version can be downloaded from here. The production version (webElements 2.45) is Crystal Reports webElements.


If you would like to test this new beta out then we encourage you to do so plus provide feedback and suggestions by replying to this blog post.


Some NOTES on this beta 246 build:


1)  *** Please do not use these functions in your production environment as they are beta functions. ***


2) If you wish to use the new submit methods on existing reports, you will have to switch the buttons and links functions that you are currently using…there is one main submit function named WESubmit which replaces many of the older functions. Please see the formulae in the WESubmitMethods_246 report in the download.


3) The majority of older submit functions are in the Other > Deprecated folder of the webelements functions. they will not be supported in version 246 and up.


4) If you apply the 2.46 functions against existing reports, you may have to change some formulae due to a couple of the 2.46 functions having additional parameters. This is a very minor and easy procedure.

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  1. Bob Zenker
    Adding this as a blog update was great, sometimes I miss the updates / information for webElements.  Looking forward to working with this Beta version!
    1. Jamie Wiseman Post author
      hey Brian,

      webelements will not work in currently as pass-through html has not been implemented in this system.

      however, i will contact them to see if there are any plans to do so in the future.


  2. Former Member
    I am using 2.45 but have done 2 workarounds to make WebElements work with BEX BW queries.
    1. I have embeded square brackets in the WEBuilder code to handle parameters.
    2. I have also embeded the 0 for SAP parameters based on variable that start with a 0 (eg. 0P_FPER).

    Would be nice if this feature was included in the new version.


    1. Jamie Wiseman Post author
      thanks for the message.

      if you paste the url into a browser (i.e. the output url that webelements produces) what is the result?

      if you see that the url is being intercepted, then you are seeing an issue that was tracked for the sap integration kit. check to see that you have the latest integration kit installed on a test system as well as a fully patched businessobjects system on that same test bed.

      webelements is only supposed to produce the accepted syntax for opendocument so if the browser is not taking the syntax, then there is an issue inbetween.

      let me know your results of pasting the url into your browser.


      1. Former Member

        After the fixes I did to the WEBuilder code (adding [ and 0) in WESelectDuo, the URL built is correct and works fine.  I am wishing that this was handled correctly and that I did not have to do the code changes.  Thanks

        1. Jamie Wiseman Post author

          what i need to know actually is what happens if you take your previous url (before you made any changes to the webelements code) and paste it into a browser.

          this i believe is an issue with an older sap integration kit wherein opendocument had some issues with the kit.

          if you have a look at the opendocument help, the output of webelements matches up with what opendocument is expecting. older versions of the sdk integration kit intercepted this url and caused issues.

          you should really check the version of your sdk as you will most likely have other compatibility issues later on.


          1. Former Member
            If I do not embed the square brackets, the parameters do NOT pass to crystal.

            If I do not embed the 0 for a parameter, on HTML preview, I get an IE Script error.

            Basically, it does not like this (the 0P_FPER):

            WESelectDuo (“0P_FPER”, adisplays, adisplays, bvalues, bdisplays,”[ZP_FPER][1 to 4]”+”|”+”[ZP_FPER][5 to 7]”, {@WEFont common})



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