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Use the PDF document API without WebDynpro (Part III)

In Part III of the blog series I will show you how to retrieve the user-entered data. h3. Retrieve the data using a HTTP POST request   In the Livecycle Designer we have created a submit button and set the property “+Submit As+” to “+URL-encoded Data (HTTP POST)”+. Check out Part II to see the screenshot. This means, that if the user presses the submit button a POST request from the PDF form is send to our servlet *+ExtractTravelData+*. The code of the servlet is straight forward.To retrieve the travel request data you simply access the request parameters. The name of the parameters are the same as the names of the form input fields (StartDate, EndDate, Reason….). If the HTTP header +Content-disposition+ is set to +inline+ the PDF is opened in the browser. In this case it’s not a problem to send back HTML.    The response could lool like this:image If the PDF is opened with the Adobe Reader (+Content-disposition: attachment+) sending HTML in the response can be a problem. In this case it’s more save to send back a new PDF with a success message in it. To do this you must create a PDF with the LiveCycle Designer. Such a PDF could look like this:  image
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