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Introducing SAP Community Network MY WAY !!

Newcomers and visitors who come to see what SAP Community Network is all about may find the amount of information and the choices to engage with other members intimidating.  Even for those who have been engaged for awhile, it can be challenging to navigate and find information that takes advantage of all the best practices and shared wisdom on the site.  There really is SO MUCH information available that you could get lost!

In the spirit of welcoming new users, and helping them achieve amazing results quickly through community participation, I introduce, “SAP Community Network MY WAY” !!

This is a NEW collaborative effort that showcases video recordings from active community members demonstrating how they consume information on the site, told from the perspective of their role or their area of product expertise.  We are focusing on five roles to start: Developers and IT Pros, Business Process Experts and Business Insight Specialists. SAP Mentors such as Jon Reed, Mike Krawczyk and Dan McWeeney have recordings on the page too!

Of course each user in our introductory set of recordings has a different routine, and that really is the beauty of all this.  This new project will allow us to share insights, tips, tricks, and shortcuts that help you manage how you consume-and even contribute- SCN content.  Check it out SAP Community Network MY WAY!!

This is a highly visible project (featured on the homepage of SCN) that we want to build over time with more recordings contributed from YOU, the community.  I encourage you to submit a video demonstrating SCN YOUR WAY.  It is easy to contribute and your suggestion or approach may help a fellow community member.  Contact me with your ideas and for more information.



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  • Great idea, Sylvia. I’m not much of a “video maker” myself; however, I do find it very interesting how people approach SCN in such unique ways.  For example, I like using it to find like-minded people and those facing similar business problems.  Others use it solely for technical help.  I work all the time to persuade my colleagues that it is perfectly okay to post non-technical content on their blogs, etc. – that is what makes the site more worthwhile for all of us.