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Ada Byron, also known as Ada Lovelace was born in 1815. The daughter of the  famous poet, Lord Byron, applied her naturally creative mind to the study of  mathematics – attempting to put the science of mathematics and technology into  an “appropriate human context” (you can read more about Ada here). Today is Ada  Lovelace Day – and in celebration of this remarkable woman, my colleague Marilyn  Pratt is Launching the 2010 Ada Lovelace Day SCN Heroine Series their stories of other remarkable women. As part of the Ada  Lovelace Day Blog Heroine series, I would like to honor Massy Mehdipour.

Founder and CEO of Skire, a construction and software business, Massy has  shown the tenacity, imagination and passion to make her business successful.  Along the way she has helped build and nurture the careers of dozens of her  employees and become an integral part of the way that many Fortune 1000  companies manage their large scale construction projects.

Like Ada, Massy’s mathematical skills opened the door way to opportunity. She  moved to Canada from Iran at age 18 to study at McGill University. From there  she went to UC Berkeley to attend graduate school. But it’s not just her  background or her experience that makes Massy inspirational. It’s her  passion.

I have been fortunate to have met with Massy on a number of occasions and met  her for lunch recently. When she speaks of her life and her experience – of the  way that she focuses on people, their expertise and their abilities – it is  clear that she not only inspires trust but also confidence. She drives business  from what could be called a “people-centric” view. She restlessly seeks  innovative ways of working with her teams and her clients – and empowers them to  deliver.

It seems to me that on a day honoring women in technology and science, that  it is only befitting that Massy Mehdipour’s name be counted among the greatest  and most inspiring women leaders in technology today.

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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    While traveling to our SAP headquarters on both coasts this last week I was fortunate enough to meet with a good number of SAP employees who I’d like to see honored and thus I would like to commit to a continuing series of posts about them and their activities, extending beyond March 24 and Ada Lovelace Day.  I’m so glad Nina, that you have chosen to post and expand the roster, beyond our immediate community.  Next step is to invite some of these remarkable women to share their knowledge and experience with the SCN community.  Thank you for choosing to post this here.  I’d love to know more about Massy Mehdipour.

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