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SQL Server 2008 connectivity with SAP PI 7.0 Possile….

Hey guys its time to joy.

Now SQL Server 2008 can be connected with SAP PI 7.0. No need to upgrade to EHP1 or PI 7.1

The Blog is about how we can connect PI 7.0 which runs on JVM 1.4 to a remote SQL Server 2008 using JDBC driver 1.2.2828.204. JDBC Driver 1.2 given by Microsoft is an older one.

As per Microsoft we cannot use JDBC Driver 2.0 on JDK 1.4 but our SAP PI 7.0 works on JDK 1.4. You can’t run PI 7.0 over JDK 1.5 until and unless you upgrade it with EHP1, So here deadlock situation comes.

You cannot connect SQL Server 2008 with PI 7.0 because SQL Server 2008 support JDBC driver 2.0 which supports JDK 1.5 and PI 7.0 does not support JDK 1.5

Now Microsoft stopped giving support to SQL Server 2005, so some day you need to upgrade to SQL Server 2008. Think what will happen if your all scenarios are configured on PI 7.0? will you dare to upgrade your PI 7.0 to EHP1 or PI 7.1

Now what will happen if your client says no we don’t want to upgrade then….

And if by chance your client agrees also then it is a time consuming activity, it will take days to upgrade and have to do lot of testing of your already configured scenarios on PI 7.0


But guys no need to worry now it is possible…………..


In this Blog I will try to show you how easily this can be achieved.

  1. In Sender JDBC Communication Channel use this connection string: jdbc:sqlserver://YourIPAddress;user=YourUser_Name;password=YourPassword;databasename=YourDatabaseName
  2. Download the driver given in SAP Service marketplace not by Microsoft. Which is available on the Service Marketplace in the Support  Portal, under Downloads, Database Patches, MS SQL Server, JDBC Drivers and Tools.
  3. Now Deploy the above downloaded driver onto your server.
  4. Now test the scenario, it will work enjoy……
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  • Hi Dheeraj,
    Thanks for sharing this info…we ran into same issue and i was searching SAP marketplace for the drivers you suggested and could not find them…Do you think downloading the same JDBC driver version 1.2.2828 from microsoft website would work?
    • Hi Pradeep

      Driver is still there pradeep might be you are not looking it correctly. I myself seen after raising your concern. Check again in the specified path. If still you didnt find i will sent it to you.

      Download this one: Hotfix for SQL JDBC 1.2 (see SAP Note 1109274) 

      Dheeraj Kumar

  • Hi Dheeraj,

    Could you please clarify, in step 3 of your note in regards to deploying the new JDBC driver (update to version 1.2.2828.208), is it the same as replacing all instances of sqljdbc.jar found in the server?

    Or do would I need to deploy it using some kind of tool like JSPM?

    Best Regards,