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There has been significant concern for security from both Mexico and the US based on significant events ultimately threatening lives of citizens, and impacting the expectation we all have of living in safe and secure community.  

This Business Week Article suggests that President Calderon’s recent increase drug-related violence should take precedence over the war against criminal gangs.

Strategically, the US seems to support this multiagency focus, as it is sending representatives from Defense, Intelligence, and State to Mexico for discussions. 
US Asst Sec. of State Arturo Valenzuela says, “As you bring down certain kinds of criminal organizations, you encourage a certain degree of conflict between them”.  This is a critical insight, which also requires the agencies working together to be able to predict and become proactive in countering the consequences of pressure against criminal organizations.

President Calderon emphasized the duty to “preserve liberty and security for every Mexican family”.  But much of the perceived support from the US is in the form of equipment – vehicles, helicopters, polygraph devices.   Key insights, coordination and support are much easier to come by without an intensive buildup of military equipment and show of force.   By mapping an information sharing environment to a an agreed upon way of doing business, the involved agencies will be better able to systematically focus on the prioritized threats.   Working in this type of environment, authorities can leverage insights in near-real time, while further ensuring safety and security of its law abiding citizens, without creating a war zone in the process.  

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