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There is a new configuration wizard called: PI Self Test for NetWeaver <br />which allows to check the configuration of SAP Process Integration after the installation

or at anytime you ever need it. It should be a good practice for every basis person

to run this report after installation of SAP PI and also any PI developer

can easily run it if his/hers scenario which was done correctly does not work

as this new tool can show you what is missing or what is wrong on your PI system.

So please run it…


The report is available as of SP8 for PI 7.1 and SP2 for 7.11.

How to run it:

Step 1</p><p>You can run the report from netweaver administator so start with this link:<br /><piserver>:<port>/nwa</p><p>Step 2

Then you need to select:

Configuration Management

– – Scenarios

– – – – Configuration Wizard

Step 3

Now from the list you need to select: PI Self Test for NetWeaver and start it. 

Step 4

Then you need to fill in some mandatory parameters like users/pass and client of PI

as shown in the figure below:

Step 5

After you execute it after a few minutes you should see the output

and can see if the check was successful and you can check the details

by pressing the “view log” option

Step 6

Inside the log you will see all the details of the steps which failed

and which were successful.


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  1. Daniel Graversen
    Thanks for sharing.
    It is quite interesting that this is first avaible now. Hope that this self guide will mean that new systems will be ready when they should be used.
    1. Michal Krawczyk
      Post author

      >>>Hope that this self guide will mean that new systems will be ready when they should be used.

      that’s the point – you can run it before you start working – just to check if the system it really ready and not only “it’s ready, trust me”…  🙂

      Michal Krawczyk

    1. Former Member

      Such nice blog & not being able to use fully!! Not sure what is going wrong with SDN. First the the blogs are masked like people /XX and now this!! Not expected from SDN


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