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The big UI Technology Survey – open now

The ASUG NetWeaver UI Influence council has two primary goals:

  • Influence the path SAP takes in this area with requirements, use-cases and feedback
  • Enable members of the council to learn from each others’ experiences, best practices and insights into these tools and their proper usage

As part of these ongoing activities, the council has been working on an encompassing survey trying to map out but the actual usage and planned usage of the NetWeaver UI technologies at customer development projects. Such information on use-cases, extent of custom development projects etc. could be extremely useful to fulfill both of the council’s goals.

The survey has been released to members of the ASUG technology SIGs a few weeks ago with a very good response rate.

We are now opening up the survey to all SDN members following the firm belief that “the more the merrier” – the more customers and developers chime in and respond to the survey, the more meaningful the data becomes.

We intend to unveil the results in the ASUG Annual Conference in May (Held in Conjunction with SAPPHIRE).


So – without further ado – here is the link to the Survey. It will take you more than two minutes, but its important. 

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      • Hi Clinton,
        We haven’t really thought about it yet. The session in Orlando is of course open to all conference participants. Whether we post them online as well is something which we will discuss in the council, but it sounds like a good idea 😉
  • “Free fight” boxes where I am supposed to write some nontrivial text and answer not simple not single question made me dislike the survey and close it. Next time, design some usable questionnaire.