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Restriction of Maximum 999 FI Document Items During MM transactions

I guess you might have this experience. While entering a goods receipt (MM-IM) through transaction MIGO, there is the error message: F5727 “Maximum number of items in FI reached”.


There is a limit of (999) line items which can be posted per FI document.  This is because the line item number (BSEG-BUZEI) field length is defined as (3) numeric positions, i.e., (999) line items.

The most commonly used workarounds are as follows:

  1. Implement FI summarization (per note 36353).
  2. Split the MM document which needs to be posted. For example, in the Goods Movements or the invoice document, there are around 500 line items which will lead to more than 999 line items in the accounting document. Then split the 500 line items into different MM postings, so that each posting will only contain less line items which creates accounting document items less than 999.

Now with the new solution from note 1353827 (for MM-IM) and note 1353125 (for MM-IV), the FI documents would be automatically splitted. As a result you would have several FI documents assigned to one MM document. Thus you don’t have to worry about the error F5727 or splitting the MM documents.

For details you could check the notes above. But there are some points you need to pay attention:

  • To let system executes an automatic document split in FI for MM postings with more than 999 line items in FI, summarization should not be activated.
  • When system is doing FI document splitting, ACCIT_FI-LOGVO field which contains the mseg line information is used to assure, that the split is not done within one material item. I.e. the FI document line items for one same MM document item should not be splitted into different FI documents.

Let us take a look at an example where this automatic document split in FI happens:

This material document contains 533 line items:


Previously when posting such material document, there will be F5727 because the line items in the FI document will be more than 999 line items. But with automatic document split in FI, material document got posted and there are 2 FI documents were created:


Cool, huh?

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  • Jimmy,

    Does Note 1353827 address the FI document 999 item restriction for material documents with more than 499 line items generated from SAP delivery transactions – VL01n, VL02n? 

    Or is the note specific to transactions: MIGO, MB01, MB1A, MB1C?

    Thank you in advance for your reply,

    Michael Gerbick

    • Hi Michael,

      The new FI program checks on the reference procedure ‘MKPF’, which means it checks if the accounting document is led by a material document. It does not check on transaction codes. So the same should work for delivery transaction too.


  • Hi,
    This works well for Material documents but can it be extended to the FI documents created from a billing document in SD when the conditions in each line item build up the FI document to be greater than 999 items.  For example a billing invoice with only 47 lines could do this in our environment and not those over 500 lines.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Jimmy,

    Your blog is very helpful. Does the note 1353125 resolves similar problem in SD invoice too? OR there is any other note provided by SAP to resolve SD invoice?

    Thank you.


      • Hi Jimmy,

        Is any note developed for SD invoice….if available, please let us know the details…it is quite urgent….Otherwise can you specify any workaround process to solve the issue from SD side.


      • Dear Jimmy,

        for a customer I’m also awaiting for the SD invoice solution. Can you give an indication when that note will be released.

        Our customer is recently upgraded to EHP4, package 5. I already found some additional notes for MIRO: 1373182, 1385914, 1397477, 1454903 and 1464426. Are all these also applicable for the SD solution?

        Thanks in advance for your reply

        Kind regards,

  • Hi,
    I have received some trial notes from sap to try out the SD accounting document split.  Perhaps if you contact your account managers they could point you in same direction.  The person doing the notes has been very helpful and is keen for customer feed back.

    It appears to work quite well and will auto create the accounting document split regardless of the billing lines e.g. in our company the max 999 could be reached at 40 lines or 400 depending on the quantity of rebates attached to each line item. 

    I cannot implement into live system without a full test cycle and am keen to know how others are finding this but only some customers appear to be using some of the notes so far. 

    Notes recevied so far:
    0001124245   Document split in FI for goods movement postings 
    0001353125   AC interface: Document split in FI for incoming invoices 
    0001353827   AC interface: Document split in FI for goods movements 
    0001439164   Document split in FI for postings from SD billing 
    0001450416   Note 1439164: Restriction to internal number assignment 
    0001480792   Enhancement for note 1439164 regarding no. of invoice items