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The 2010 SAP Community Network Satisfaction Survey is live. Take the survey now and receive 20 easy Recognition Points to help you on your way to become a 2010 Active Contributor.

CN members are loyal. They don’t visit the CN communities just as a pastime or diversion. Members use CN to research topics, download trial software, follow bloggers, participate in a wiki or in the forums.

Last month, over 1.3 million of you visited CN at least two times per week, and more than 100,00 of you visited an average of 10 times every day! This is a fantastic measure of the value CN brings to our members.

Help us make the community a better, more valuable resource. Please take a few minutes to complete the 2010 SAP Community Network Satisfaction Survey

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    1. Sanju Saha
      Hi I am relatively  new to this.. but hey it provides u wid lots of knowledge… the nooks n corners type of knowledge we get from the forums is really helpful in the production world… Its a gr8 job done from SAP’s side to launch such a forum… where quality knowledge is available for free and you also get a platform to test yourself to the limit….. SDN rocks……
  1. Muthuraman Govindasamy
    Good to know that .encourage to participate in survey. please award 20 points without fail.

    I have submited many times SDN survey. but points are not rewarded.

    this time it should not happen to every one.


  2. Ravi Andela
    I agree with Muthuraman Govindasamy, I have also taken part in previous surveys but points not credited. Hope this time atleast be credited.


    1. Keith Elliott Post author
      Hi Ravi,

      I’m sorry to hear that you have not received points awards in a previous survey. I’ll make sure that this does not happen this time around.

    2. Anoop Shankaran
      i think getting points awarded should not be the main agenda. Points should be awarded for providing some useful and helpful information obtained as part of work experience.
      also would agree that points should be awarded for answers if moderators (other than askers) too feel that some answers are helpful even though not exactly the solution.
    1. Keith Elliott Post author
      Hi Pradeepa,
      The survey system runs on a seperate server and is not completely integrated with our points system.

      In fact, there is some manual work involved in extracting survey data and uploading into the points system, so we do this as a batch process.

      We haven’t started the batch transfer yet, so no one has yet been awarded points. We will be starting to award points in the next few days.

  3. Vinod Vemuru
    Keeping the discussion on points aside,
    Is the inputs from the survey really considered for improving the quality further? How does an individual knows if the feedback given has been considered for the discussions and further implementation(If happens so)?. Probably sending a mail or some other means of recognition will encourage the people to think more and more innovative and contribute more ideas for improving the quality and reliability of this amazing Knowledge base :-).

    Best regards,

    1. Keith Elliott Post author
      Hello Vinod,
      Yes indeed, the CN team reads and analyzes the survey results each year. We use the results to gage overall satisfaction with our community platform and to understand what the community likes and what areas need work.
      I’ll be sure to announce the survey results and main findings after the survey closes.
  4. Fred Verheul
    Hi Keith,

    I haven’t taken the survey yet (hope to do so this weekend), but after having read the 12 previous comments on this blog, a thought occurred to me: maybe next year you shouldn’t award points for taking the survey? It looks as though it might obfuscate the responses to the survey. In other words, the responses might be more valuable if provided by people who are intrinsically motivated to do so.

    Cheers, Fred

    1. Keith Elliott Post author
      Hi Fred,
      You make a very good point (excuse the pun). This year we worked on streamlining the survey to make it easier to complete.
      Of course, we offer points as an incentive to our members to take time out of their no doubt busy days and give us their feedback.  True that this isn’t the most pure motivation, but I think that the resulting feedback can be just as honest and therefore useful to us.
      I always like to read the comments that are scattered thoughout and that can be very sincere, interesting, and valuable.

      1. Ravi Andela
        Hi Keith / Fred,

        I truly agree with both of you.

        Why we are taking / considering only once a year, my suggestion is to have something like ideas which can be seen here

        You can find the Ideas / suggestions to improve and what suggestion are currently in progress etc.. This kind of approach will give the users a good amount of motivation I think.


      2. Nitin Suvarna
        Hi Keith,

        Even i do agree with Fred. We have seen Moderators end a discussion topic for the reason that its mentioned “Points will be awarded”, when the person would have mentioned it for a quick response. So when we follow such a rule then even in this case points should not be alloted.

        Even in this blog you can see people talking about points.

  5. Keith Elliott Post author
    Hello Survey-Takers,
    I just got an update from our platform team that your survey points will be uploaded and processed after close of the Survey in one batch.
    The Survey will close near the end of April. We will announce the exact date on the homepages and newsletters and offer our members a “last chance.”
    By the way, if you haven’t yet taken the Survey, please do!
    1. saslove sap
      I can access all SAP related one in my company..But is this some thing different? When i click on Survey showing as “Blocked”..I am curious to know the reason
  6. Susan Keohan
    Hi Keith,
    Thanks for putting the survey out there.  I understand that our input is a meaningful way to understand what needs improvement.  I would be happy to do this even without points.  Actually, I would prefer it that way.  I consider it sort of my ‘civic duty’ – although far less onerous than Jury Duty!


    1. Keith Elliott Post author
      Hi Sue,
      I’m happy to know that you don’t consider our survey to be in the same class as jury duty!

      Thank you so much for spending the time and giving us your opinions and suggestions.

      Believe me that we pay a lot of attention to the Survey results. I spent an interesting morning this week reading all the typed-in text responses. They are always the most interesting and the most fun to read.

      In a couple of weeks, after the Survey closes, I will blog about the results to the Community.

      Thanks again for doing your duty and giving us your support.


  7. Anmol Bhat
      Thanks for putting survey, this will be very helpfull for we people, yes you are true, we useed to visit SCN more than 10 times a day.
      Hey I want to notice you something, I dont know wether it is your matter or not but there is some technical problem with SCN, like if you go for the reward points table that screen does not work..etc.
      I just want to make your notice on such issues.
    Thanks for providing such a greate experience with SCN

    Anmol Bhat.

    1. Keith Elliott Post author
      Hi Anmol,
      I am happy to hear that you get a lot of value from SCN. But I’m sorry to hear that you have problems loading pages. I’ll pass your comment on to our platform team.
      Thanks for taking the survey.
  8. I might be going crazy or is there some kind of a glitch with the survey? There is no Submit button anywhere. How do I submit the survey? I have XP and IE 7, if it matters.
    1. Keith Elliott Post author
      Hello Rahul,
      Thank you for taking the survey. In total 2355 members responded.
      We closed the survey on 30 April and, for those who completed the survey, we delivered the member IDs to be uploaded and assigned points in a batch process.
      In the next few days, everyone who took the survey will be receiving 20 points for their participation.
      Watch for my upcoming blog on the survey results.
  9. Prashanth konduru
    Hi team,

    I got a mail to take the survey today afternoon, while trying to access the link i’m getting 403 error.

    can you check and let me know what is the issue.



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