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Putting Your Career on the (Google) Map

When you are trying to stand out from the crowd, sometimes you need to rethink your resume. For some of us, that means changing the font that we use or maybe the layout. But does this go far enough? Does it DEMONSTRATE your expertise with anything other than a word processor?

Now, there are many SAP practitioners out there who have worked or collaborated on projects all around the world. And for many employers, that makes you a valuable resource. It shows that your skills are of a high order (you had to be flown in to share your expertise), that you are recognised for your abilities, you can communicate with your team (and sometimes across languages), and you are able to deal with complex work situations.

If this sounds like you, then here’s a novel idea – create a resume documenting your personal and professional experience using Google Maps. That’s exactly what Ed Hamilton did!


You can also see the places he has worked and learn a little about the experience he gained as a result. You can see his address and contact him directly.

How could you take this approach and twist it? How would you make it relevant to your personal and professional experience? And do you think it would encourage potential employers to interview you?

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  • Collaborating with customers, partners and colleagues around the world is indeed very valuable experience, and a can be a strong differentiator between candidates competing for a job.  Many of us on SCN have resumes with global experience but having a Google map resume certainly takes it to a new level.  It would be interesting to hear from some hiring managers on SCN what they think about this approach.  Thanks for posting.
  • I think this type of thing is cool while it is novel. Once everybody does it people will be turned off by it. Thanks for making us early adopters ahead of the curve = cool :-).