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WSDL ws_policy – What is it und how can I get rid of it in PI?

It is maybe just a little thing and you probably payed never attention to something like theYou may need adequate protection. (“You may need adequate protection ” by Umit Yalcinalp . She is a research architect at SAP Research.)

But you will also quickly find out about these discussions when you exchange WSDL-description files with consumers.

In our current project, we had serious trouble exchanging wsdl-files with the brand new  ws-policy tags.

Depending on the versions and abilities of the consumer workbench, the file will be rejected. Only a few systems recognize the ws-policy-tags right now. This will change with the raising web services security discussion and SAML.

What is it anyway? There is a pretty good explanation at msdn:

The WS-Policy and WS-PolicyAttachment specifications extend this foundation and offer mechanisms to represent the capabilities and requirements of Web services as Policies.”

WS-Policy enables the description of security requirements and guidelines to interact with web based services. It is the definition of an extensible framework to realize simple requirements, usually for transportation protocols and security procedures for authentication.

It is really easy to turn the policy tags off and you don’t have to do it manually.

Go into your ECC-System and start transaction SOAMANAGER


Inside the SOA Manager, select „Business Administration”





Select your actual service.


Then you see the links to show the source code for your wsdl service .

This is the view when you start the SOA-Manager in your ECC-System


In the URL of the  browser, you can see the „ws_policy” part


Just type in „standard” instead, replacing the ws_policy” tag



The SOAMANAGER of your PI-System has a slight different look


At the end, you should have a WSDL without the policy tags.

This is maybe not the most strategic how-to, but should give a quick “fix-it”.

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  • Hi Holger,

    The blog was quite informative and exactly answers my requirement. The sad part is that the Service Interfaces I configures in ESR / IB of SAP PI are not showing up in SOAMANAGER. It will be useful if we also get to know the additional cnfigurations required to make the PI services appear in SOAMANAGER..


    • Make you SI web serivce appear in SOAMANAGER you need to first publish the service. I don’t remember the exact steps but if you search on forum you will find them.
  • For new versions the URL is not containing anymore the “ws_policy” instead there is a 0 (standard)or 1 (policy)


    ….wsdl/flv_10002A111AD1/bndg_url/…. (ws_policy)

    ….wsdl/flv_10002A101AD1/bndg_url/…. (standard)

    Best regards