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SAP Netweaver PI/CE/Mobile 7.1 Feedback Survey

How frequently do you refer When navigating through various topics, have you ever noticed or found some incorrect/inadequate/improper/insufficient details? And if you found one, have you done anything about it? If the answer to former question is ‘yes’, and to the later is ‘no’, then now we have opportunity to provide your feedback to SAP using the URL


SAP is requesting feedback for their documentatation on the following products:

You may select one or all as per your convenienece. If you are visiting documents related to any of these products, you may find the Feedback option at the top. e.g. I found the Feedback link while going through PI 7.1 EhP1 documentation.


Towards the end of the Feedback, provide your contact details (if you wish) for clarifications (if required) about your feedback.

Note: This feedback is related to documentation of 7.1 EhP1 version only. If you had found some problem in documentation for earlier versions, then please check the new document before providing the feedback.

Thank You.

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  • Hi Prateek,
    Have you already noticed docupedia for giving feedback on SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 EHP1? Docupedia is SAP´s interactive format for technology product documentation. Users can easily view, comment, rate content and even upload own documents. You might want to try it out!
    • Hello Claudia,

      can you please give us an info on how these two options are SAP-internaly handled.

      Are both options (Survey and docupedia-update) reaching the same persons/groups or is one way better than the other?

      I already used the docupedia for a reply once.

      It’s not possible for every section to change it directly, but there is at least an option for a feedback/discussion and you get a feedback soon.
        That was ok for me.

      Personaly i think the WIKI-concept of docupedia will be my favorite one.

      Best regards

      • Hi Christian,
        In fact, the results of the SAP Help Portal survey and docupedia feedback are reaching the same organizational group within SAP. In future, we will use surveys in the SAP Help Portal only for documentation that is not yet available through docupedia (PI and Mobile, for example). However, docupedia is definitely the longterm solution and feedback and comments are always visible, there is no end time, in comparison to a survey. Our recommendation is to use docupedia.
        In this context, looking forward to your contributions!

        Best regards,