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SAP Education (North America)…”What Can Knowledge Accelerator Do for Me?”



The SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator software is a customizable, Web-based learning and support product you can deploy to the desktop via your intranet, server, or CD. It gives you complete training and performance support on a variety of our products – training you can readily tailor to your company and its needs.


Offers a User-Friendly Interface


The learning environment in SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator is divided into different modules and includes quick-reference material based on different learning objectives, business processes, and tasks. This allows users to focus only on the functions and concepts they need to know.  They can choose what and when they want to learn, at a pace that best matches their needs. And because SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator is available 24×7, learners can refer back to the tutorials or performance-support documents whenever they have questions or need more information on a particular topic.


Accommodates a Geographically Dispersed Workforce


You’re responsible for the success of your business intelligence implementation, and you face many challenges.  How do you do the following?


  • Train and support a geographically dispersed user community
  • Support user learning needs throughout the lifetime of the deployment
  • Ensure learning is relevant to your business
  • Ensure new users are consistently trained


These challenges are compounded when annual employee turnover is considered. SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator offers just-in-time training so new users can become as productive as possible, in a short period of time.


Boosts User Competency


Too often, software implementations neglect clear plans for user training,  leaving the majority of users frustrated with substandard skills and unable to use the application properly. Without an end-user training plan that is easy to roll out, you may experience similar results in your BI implementation.  Avoid the pitfalls experienced in many implementations by ensuring that you plan for user training. Not only does your plan need to cover the postimplementation training, it should also cover training over a 12-month period. SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator is self-paced and helps ensure you can offer training 24 hours a day.


User Training Made Simpler


When you’re focused on driving project success and building a great system, you may view training as complex or difficult to provide. But it doesn’t have to be. SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator is ready-to-use training – it’s not complicated to deploy, and you can customize it to fit your specific  environment.  SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator displays your data along with best practices to deliver:


  • Customized, relevant training
  • Convenient desktop delivery
  • Cost-effective learning


Customized, Relevant Education


SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator trains users via job-specific skill development scenarios based on sample company data. Each module provides interactive learning for concepts, practice exercises, and skill tests.  In addition, it’s customizable, so it meets the requirements and relevancy of each user group, including varied training needs and tasks to be performed. SAP can customize SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator, or we can train your team to customize it.


Convenient Desktop Delivery


While SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator is typically deployed via your intranet, you can also deploy it on a file server or on a CD. This makes it easier for your users to take the tutorials or access the online reference materials anywhere, anytime. If users need help when they’re working, they simply open up the appropriate reference or tutorial and jump to the desired topic for immediate answers.


Cost-Effective Learning


The implementation of a new BI solution typically impacts a diverse range of user groups. This can make training and support overwhelming and costly. With SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator, you can affordably train and support a few hundred or several thousand users at their own desks.  SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator is proven software delivered to thousands of desktops at a low per-learner cost. It’s fully scalable and features extensive flexibility.


Better Productivity and Performance


SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator speeds up user productivity, performance, and knowledge, helping users add more value. This means faster decisions, better response to issues impacting critical business drivers, and more consistent and accurate interpretation of data presented via reports and dashboards. The software features:


  • Entry portal with quick links to individual topics – useful for knowledge refresh and support
  • Interactive menu to aid in navigation
  • Logically organized modules for learning just the elements the user needs
  • “Knowledge Check” questions to help ensure comprehension
  • Scored testing simulations with unique scenarios to challenge the learner
  • Integration with learning management systems – Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant
  • Customization efficiency – robust authoring tool with variety of customization options including rebranding of SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator to your company’s look and feel and the ability to add a company glossary


BUSINESS CASE: SAP Knowledge Accelerator for Business Planning and Consolidation 


Effective planning is the key to success for any organization. The ability to plan and execute for the future provides organizations the opportunity to take advantage of changes in a dynamic marketplace the moment they occur. 


SAP Knowledge Accelerator for Business Planning and Consolidation is now available to give you the comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge you need to seize that opportunity, and maximize your IT investment. With it, you will be able to access reliable corporate data, create efficiencies across the planning, execution, reporting, and monitoring activities of your organization, and achieve real growth. 


SAP Knowledge Accelerator increases your organization’s productivity and drives more consistent and accurate interpretation of your data. It uses job specific scenarios focused on key functionalities and can be fully customized to reflect your organization’s data. 


Using either an intranet, file server, learning management system (LMS) or CD, SAP Knowledge Acceleratorcan be installed and deployed without costly and time consuming integration efforts. You can also add reference materials to your tool, so they are available across your organization regardless of geography or system constraints. 


With SAP Knowledge Accelerator for Business Planning and Consolidation, your workforce can access, modify, analyze, and share the results of their analyses with colleagues. You can use the more advanced functionality available such as buildingtemplates, designing step-by-step business process flows, and creating a content repository. In addition, SAP Knowledge Accelerator contains theoretical concepts and activities that enable you to watch an animated demonstration of tasks, or to interact with simulations.  Finally, SAP Knowledge Accelerator includes assessment tools which provide users with quizzes and activities to help demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired. 


Whether using core functionality or more advanced elements of the product, the goal is to provide you with the tools and data your organization needs to execute on your strategic goals in a straightforward and easily implemented fashion. 


SAP Knowledge Accelerator for Business Planning and Consolidation delivers training on

·         Creating Reports

·         Creating Schedules

·         Modifying Data

·         Analyzing Data

·         Sharing Information

·         Using Business Process Flows

·         Content Repository Creation and Maintenance 


When considering the real return on investment (ROI) for training in such areas as Business Process and Consolidation, remember that organizations with a well trained workforce simply perform better than those without. For example, a recent IDC study demonstrated that organizations using trained resources deliver on time, on budget and with greater agility than those who did not. 


SAP Knowledge Accelerator for Business Planning and Consolidation delivers an easy to implement, customizable, flexible learning tool that gives your organization the insight and reporting capability it needs to execute today and tomorrow.


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For more information about how SAP BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator can help make your software users more productive, please contact your SAP representative or visit us on the Web at

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