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Stunning BI Data Visualization — From 1870

FastCompany has a great article this week on the results of the 1870 census, and the hand-made graphics (“BI –2.0”?) that were made from the data (thanks to and the Library of Congress) Go here to see the examples.
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  • I think (sadly) there are not few companies where everything is officially managed automatically by the best-of-breed system (after having spent millions in BI investments), but in reality some top management dashboard/report is still a masterpiece of some reporting artisan…
    A management with not so clear ideas (and this happens often during critical macroeconomic scenarios like this one) leads to reports never static in their layouts, in the representation rules below…in other words, reporting craftsmen are not only history, even after 140 years!
    (by the way, I think your reference to 1830 is wrong cause the right reference is to 1870 census…).
    Interesting blog!
  • Everybody interested in data visualization and working in the BI field should have heard about Edward Tufte and his books about data visualization. He brings tons of good and bad examples from the past centuries (and years), one of the best definitely is Napoleons army invading Russia that shows the French’s army size over time and geography:

    Actually more about that non-trivial and often misunderstoof topic of good data visualization is on the SDN: Smart Information Transfer: