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SAP for Automotive: Dealer Business Management (SAP DBM) Value Map


DBM Value Map


” The DBM Value Map is especially created for Automotive Retailers and shows the value you can generate within your dealership by using our SAP for Automotive – Sales & Distribution Solution, called SAP Dealer Business Management (SAP DBM). SAP DBM is one of SAP´s strategic topics for the Automotive Industry covering the whole Value Chain from Procurement through Sales & Distribution towards Service and connects the OEM/Supplier process driven with the end customer and the Dealer-SAP DBM Value MapNetwork.


I want to invite you to take a look at the map and discuss it with me !

Please contact me !  

Thank you !

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  • Hi Axel,

    could you please explain the concept of the value map in more detail? What do you think are the main value drivers in the value chain?

    Looking forward for more details.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Claudia,

      thanks for your comment !

      Well, I think all mentioned parts of the value chain are possible value drivers. It mainly depends on the customer feedback to each of the mentioned parts and the peer analysis that comes with that. What we normally do is to discuss the “generic” Value Map with the prospect and then, based on his information, create a customer specific value map with benefit mapping as well as a business case for the prefered SAP Solution. This process is called “Collaborative Value Assessment” and is held closly with the prospect/customer to target directly to their needs and current situation.

      Do you see other than the mentioned parts of a value map/value chain ?



  • hi axel ,

    nice map , but why u have shown parts only under sales order , dealer use to buy the parts from OEM hence BO with OEM need to be tracked and i suggest to take that function under both , Procurement and sales.


  • Effective parts order planning , is one of the imp function in all dealership which has impact on finance and accounts , service department as well. I suggest DBM developers must have to have effective planning tool to be merged with DBM. Which has different planning models prefixed in system , trend, seasonal etc.
    DBM has to have that capability to suggest a Effective order quantity , for new model parts as well as old car parts


    kaustubh deshpande