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SAP Business Workplace Vs CRM 7.0 Worklist


This blog provides essential information that a consultant should know before he migrates workflows from the CRM 5.0 system to CRM 7.0 system. This blog gives the consultant an insight about the behavior of CRM 7.0 Work-list by comparing it with CRM 5.0 GUI Business workplace. This document explains all the features not available in CRM work-list which were available in CRM Business Workplace.

 This piece of information could be utilized for the following:

1) Understanding the limitations that CRM 7.0 Work-list has and to figure out the workaround or a concrete solution to the limitation.

2) Understanding the functional Behavior of CRM 7.0 Work-list Vs CRM 5.0 Business Workplace (GUI)

3) Developing workflows definition from the scratch in CRM 7.0, as the workflow developer would develop these workflow definitions keeping in mind restrictionslimitations that users face while using CRM 7.0 Work-list.



The CRM 7.0 Work-list is not an exact replica of SAP Business Workplace. CRM Work-list doesn’t have all the functionality that SAP Business Workplace had. This blog would list out all the difference between Business Workplace and UI work-list.  This will also explain the features and drawbacks of CRM work-list over SAP Business Workplace.



Here is the detailed Comparison of SAP GUI Business Workplace and the CRM 7.0 UI Work-list:

A) Where do I find the work-items in the CRM 7.0 Web client UI?

There are two ways of spotting the work-item in CRM 7.0 UI:

  • Via the ‘Home’ Work-centre under ‘Work-flow tasks’ assignment Block


Please follow the below mentioned steps if you are not able to view the Workflow Tasks Assignment Block under ‘Home’ Work-centre.
        i) Click on ‘Personalize’ Button as indicated 

        ii) The marked ones are all the available assignment blocks under the ‘Home’ Work-centre.

           iii) Please select the drop-down the ‘Workflow Tasks’ as indicated below.

             iv) Click on ‘Save’ as indicated. Now you should have the ‘Workflow Tasks’ assignment block under the Home Work-Centre.

  • Via the ‘Work-list’ Work-Centre

B) Following are not available:

a) SAP Inbox

b) SAP Outbox

c) Resubmission Folder

d) Private Folders

e) Shared Folders

f) Subscribed Folders

These are illustrated as below:


Impact: Unavailability of SAP Inbox

Unavailability of SAP Inbox will be a major drawback as the document sent via Email to the SAP Inbox of the user will not be seen from the CRM UI work- list.

Possible Workaround:

1) Tweak the Application which sends out an email to the SAP Inbox in such a way that it sends out an email to the MS Outlook instead sending it to the SAP Inbox

2) Alternative workaround which is close to the best possible solution would be to request all SAP Users to Maintain their Private Office Settings in such a way that any email sent to their SAP Inbox is automatically forwarded to their MS Outlook Inbox. This is illustrated as below:


To be able to the Maintain Private Office Settings (Tcode SO13) from the UI as shown above, we need to perform custom configuration and the steps to do this is mentioned in CRM Worklist- Private office settings in CRM Webclient UI document. This opens up a transaction launch of Transaction code SO13 in CRM UI.

Impact: Unavailability of SAP Outbox

With the unavailability of SAP Outbox, it will no longer be possible to track the documents which were sent by us from SAP Business workplace to other users, it not possible to track the work-item executedForwarded by us to other SAP users. There is no solution or workaround suggested for this at present and it is considered to have negligible business impact.

C) Work-items in GUI Vs the Work-items in CRM UI Work-list

From an end users perspective, work-items can be categorized into three categories

  • 1) Executable Work-items
  • 2) Decision Work-items
  • 3) Deadline Work-items

Let’s now compare how these work-items are placed from the UI Work-list perspective

  • 1) Executable Work-items

We can navigate to the work item from the CRM work-list by clicking on the ‘Subject’ Hyperlink.

a) Possibility of Forwarding and Reserving the Work-items from the Work-list as shown below:


 Possibility of resetting reservation:






The above button is only visible if you had earlier reserved a work-item.


           b) Possibility of executing a Work-item as indicated below:



               If the Work-item is flagged as ‘Confirmation required’, then the button ‘Confirm’ is only visible if the work-item is executed at least once by clicking on the ‘Execute’ button.




         c) Possibility of navigating to the business transactionattachments from the CRM Work list.


  • 2) Decision Work-items

The Decision Work item in UI is represented as follows: The User is expected to select the option from the drop-down and click on ‘Execute Decision’.


New Feature in CRM 7.0 Work-list: Possibility of addition of a ‘Note’ Directly to the Workflow. This could be used by the approver of a business transaction to comment on why heshe had rejected the Business transaction before the work-item is sent back to the Initiator for correction







This note is attached to the work-item container and thus can be accessed by the initiator or subsequently anyone who gets the work-item after the approver adds the note to the work-item. The note is now the part of the workflow container.


For both Decision Work-item and the Executable work-item, it’s possible to navigate to the corresponding business transaction by clicking on the hyper-link as shown below. For most standard BOR objects, the hyperlink will take them to the corresponding business transaction in the display mode. 


3) Deadlines Work-items:


  •       The Deadline work-items are shown on the work-list with the subject- Missed Deadline … As soon as the work-item reaches the deadline, there will be a deadline work-item send to the apt recipient

Below screenshot shows a missed deadline work-item:

  • The screenshot below shows the traffic light indicator which gives the idea to the user about the nearing deadline. If green then user has two or more days for the deadline to be elapsed, if yellow, then the user has only one day for the deadline to be elapsed, if red, then the deadline has already elapsed.

Related Notes Pertaining to Deadlines Work-items

  • o Note 1311125: UIU WFI-Work item due date missing in the worklist
  • o Note 1388337: Deadline Notification in CRM Workflow Inbox

    Deadline Work-items are not shown on the CRM Work-list without the implementation of the above notes. However the deadline work-items functionality is not fully functional the way its done via the SAP Business Workplace, for instance unlike SAP Business Workplace, there is no option to Set the Deadline Work-item to ‘Done’ from CRM UI Work-item. Hence as off BBPCRM 7.0 patch level 5, the functionality of deadline work-item in CRM work-list is not stable and doesn’t match the behavior it had in SAP Business Workplace and lot is still desired in this area.

Note: The ‘Cancel’ button shown on the screenshots above is not provided by the Standard CRM, it’s a custom button which functions similar to the standard  button.


CRM 7.0 Work-list can be also utilized for processing work-items from the CRM Web-client UI, however the features and the drawbacks it has over the classic SAP Business workplace should be considered before you eventually start using CRM work-list as the tool for processing work-items.


•5.  Conclusions


a) Its possible to execute the following types of Work-items from the CRM Work-list

1) Executable Work-item

2) Decision Work-item

3) Deadline Work-item

b) Its possible to forward ReserveReset Reservation of Executable and Decision Work-items.

c) Navigation possible from the Work-item to the relevant business transaction attachment from the CRM work-list.

d) New Feature is available within CRM 7.0 Work-list which helps addition of ‘ Notes’ to the workflow container

e) Folders like SAP Inbox and SAP Outbox which were available in SAP Business Workplace are no longer available in CRM 7.0 Work-list. Best possible solution lies in providing Transaction Launch of SO13 in CRM UI Work-list.

f) Deadline Work-item functionality can be realized within CRM 7.0 Work-list by application of certain Notes. However the behavior of Deadline Work-item in CRM 7.0 work-list is not as it was in SAP Business Workplace and hence it’s possibly unstable.

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  • Hi Anand,

    Thanks for the informative blog.  We are in the preliminary stages of designing a new webflow on CRM.  Our users have already stated that they want to be able to group their Worklist by country.  Your blog does not mention whether it is possible to use the “Grouped according to” feature that was available in SAPGui.  I have not been able to find this feature on the CRM Worklist.  Is it there?  If so, how do I turn it on?

    Thanks Anand!

    • Hi Paul,
      I think ‘Group according to the country feature’, was not available as standard in SAP GUI workplace. I believe that its some custom development done from your end.. Now with the new WebUI, the code which gets executed from the SAP business workplace doesnt get executed from the CRM worklist which means that you have to redo the developments within the WebUI.

      To be able to come up with feasibility of it within WebUI, i need to know which feature of GUI you are refering to ? Pls revert back with screenshots


      • Hi Anand,

        Thanks for your speedy reply.  I was refering to the feature that lists out the following grouping options under the Workflow inbox.  I cannot get a screen shot to paste, but these features are listed when you expand the Workflow entry in the Workplace tree.

        Grouped according to task
        Grouped according to content
        Grouped according to content type
        Grouped according to sort key

        I was planning to use the country as the sort key so that the workflow tasks could be grouped by country.

        Thanks again.

        • Hello Pual,
          Thanks for your explanation.
          I am afraid the feature that you are looking out for is not available in CRM 7.0 WebUI Worklist.

          Within CRM 7.0 WebUI, you can utilize features like Sort Ascending, or Sort Descending, or filter by field values as revealed here:

          So within CRM 7.0 Worklist, a possible workaround to get the similar functionality as you wish would be to have another field ( as column just like the priority field) called as country and then filter that new column with the values you desire.
          However, there is no possible concrete solution to these.

          Revert back with your concerns

          • Thanks for the confirmation Anand.  And thanks for your thoughts on a possible workaround.  I will look into it.  Cheers.
  • Hi Anand,

    Thanks for the information.I wanted to attach a note to my workitem.However The ‘Add Note’ button is not visible on my Attachment Tab.Do I have to enhance GSWIDET/Attachment  view and add the button explicitly.If yes then plz guide me on the same.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hello Swati,
      The ‘Add note’ feature is standard in CRM 7.0 onwards. It wont be available as standard in versions lower than 7.0. If you are not planning for upgrade to CRM 7.0 in the near future than you can contemplate adding an custom button and implenting this feature.
      If you have access to any crm 7.0 system, just refer it and implement the similar logic.