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His patience and humor are seemingly endless.

He has a fan club two million strong.

An extreme pleasure to salute one of the best-loved (and maybe most feared) detonators of trolls and unsavory behaviors and first-line responder to so many of us, community members and community network team alike. 

A rare look behind the curtain at the man many think of as our SAP Community Network Support Angel: Meet David Branan.



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  1. Frank Koehntopp
    for putting a face and a voice to the most powerful man on SCN.

    But man, he really needs to do something – all these accounts named _guest_  – I don’t know…


  2. Former Member
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to finally “meet DB in person”.

    Hat’s off to him for all his great help and good advise.


  3. Laure Cetin
    It’s nice to put a face on a name. 2 million thank-yous for your hard work behind the scene, for your willingness to help and for your professionalism.
    All the best,
    Laure – still digesting all the reports you sent me 😉
  4. Former Member
    No one deserves to be featured on SDN home page than David – I cannot even imagine the amount of trouble he has to go through daily to keep up this excellent level of service on our problems.
    3 cheers to David (and his collegues)!!!

    And very thoughtful of you, Marilyn,  to take time to do this – way to go.

    1. Bala Prabahar
      Thank you for this blog.

      Thank you for supporting!

      SDN is a great site and has become a essential part of my life to remain successful in SAP world. SDN’s availability (system availability I mean) is remarkable. The performance for a system supporting 2+ million members is unbelievably fast!! 

      I thoroughly enjoy my SDN experience and learn a lot. One of my top priorities this year is to give back to this community more.

      This site helps me in several different ways:

        1) Learning SAP technologies
        2) Learning/improving soft skills such as writing!
        3) Validation of my thoughts.
        4) More importantly opportunity to build online resumes!

      Thanks again,

    2. Marilyn Pratt Post author
      and to all that comment here, glad this resonates so indisputably well with you all.  David, you (as always), know best and say it clearest: “without you we are nothing”.  And how like you David to turn the spotlight we try to shine on you back around on the community.
    1. Marilyn Pratt Post author
      Would love for more folks to get to see, hear, and meet David Branan.  We were fortunate to have him at TechEd a few years back.  People were thrilled with the opportunity to engage with “the man”.
      Maybe we can do a virtual meetup this year in Bangalore (if we can find a good time slot 🙂 )

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