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Where to find support statements for virtualized SAP enviroments on Linux x86_64

The openness of a platform enables all kind of entities to take part in the evolution of it. The engagement of people, motivated either by private reasons or because of being paid by global companies, initiated the grow the GNU/Linux platform (later on referenced as Linux). It evolved to a level where it can be utilized on almost every device containing silicon parts. There are mobile phones, embedded devices, multimedia devices, workstations and servers where you find Linux. Focusing on the server segment, certain key components besides the Linux operating system introduce in a certain complexity. Let me give you an example: Business applications need databases to store their data. Such databases runs on the already mentioned operating system. Most likely, this operating system runs on top a a virtualization solution today. Just think of the cloud topic discussed everywhere. The particular virtualization solution then runs on hardware. Although there are several hardware architectures available, on top of the x86_64 architecture the biggest variety of software is available to day. This variety makes it difficulty to get a clear picture of what is actually supported and what not. Therefore I’m focusing on the Linux x86_64 architecture to clarify the current situation.
When talking about this variety, the following list gives you an impression which databases, Linux distributions and virtualization solutions are currently available in the SAP space on Linux x86_64:
Databases: Currently three databases are supported for SAP on Linux. Each of these databases has at least two or three supported main releases. This makes it easily up to 7 or 8 candidates on the database side.  
Operating Systems/Distributions: There are two distributors (Novell and Red Hat) that provide certified distributions. Each of them having several, still supported main releases. This makes it up to 4 or 5 candidates on the operating system side.
Virtualization solution: Besides the stand alone virtualization solutions lots of certified Linux distribution ship their own virtualization solution (as part of the operating system). This makes easily up to 6 or 7 candidates on the virtualization solutions side.
The information which software products are certified on top of which other software product is listed in SAP notes or is available on the web pages of the software vendors. But it is often not clear where to find this information. Therefore I tried to put all information sources into an Excel spreadsheet which is available further below. This Excel provides three so called quadrants, each for one combination of databases, operating system and virtualization solution:
Quadrant a: databases on a virtualization solution
Quadrant b: databases on operating systems
Quadrant c: guest operating system on a virtualization solution
Pick your desired combination and navigate to the intersection in every quadrant. This will guide you to the place where you find information if this combination is supported. A graphical example is also given in the spreadsheet on a separate tab. Please find the spreadsheet here:

Please feel free to provide feedback via the SAP on Linux or as a comment below.

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