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PI/XI: deploy a JMS/JDBC driver without JSPM?

As of SAP Process Integration 7.1 we cannot use *SDM *anymore to deploy our java packages,
instead we need to use either JSPM (*Java Support Package Manager*) or deploy them from  Netweaver Developer Studio. However sometimes we don’t have access to NWDS and JSPM may also be  unavailable for some reasons. Is there any help for us in this case? It turns out there is  another possibility – we can use telnet service from *J2EE engine* and deploy the files with it’s use. by using *man -h* as shown in the screenshot below:     {code:html}{code}   As you can see only some of them are activated by default (you can activate all if you need them) but DEPLOY is among the activated by default.  4. In order to check how DEPLOY command works use *DEPLOY -h*    {code:html}{code}   5. Finally you can deploy the java archive (for example JMS/JDBC driver)
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  • Once again you find another way to skin a cat! Good to see you very active on SCN again, for a while it seemed like you were on some sort of sabbatical or something 🙂 Great to see bombarding us with great content!
    • Hi Trevor,

      >>>for a while it seemed like you were on some sort of sabbatical

      lol 🙂

      I was writing a new book but don’t worry
      I never go for holidays 🙂

      wait for the new ones – (I’m sure you will
      find some of them nice too as I will try
      to describe some more “hidden” things) 🙂

      Michal Krawczyk

      • Hi,

        Nice Blog, but few concerns…

        1. What about the Java Stack down time , during driver deployment….

        2. I case the deployment fails, does the specific  trace can be acsssed, apart from default/application logs.

        Ashutosh r