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New Enterprise Social Systems community

The new Enterprise Social Systems (ESS) community on the SCN addresses the need to gather questions and answers, best practices, standards and guidelines around the integration of social network technologies and features with enterprise applications and platforms.

Companies and organizations are trying to leverage the success of functionality provided for communities by social networks and use similar features in their corporate environment. Identifying the right contacts faster (profile information), creating virtual teams with complementary skills and matching interests (groups, fan sites), collaborating on projects (Wiki, forums, Google Wave), sharing information (status, tags, FAQs, videos), accelerating and improving decisions processes (“Like it”, “Thumbs up”)

If you are using Facebook, LinkedIn, XING, Google Wave, Twitter or others, you have already a good idea how you personally benefited from social media. As an SCN user you know how to use it for your professional life. If you wondered how you could extend that toolset to your own organization for professional use, then this is the right community to learn more about it, give feedback and influence the standards development and feature integration into the platforms of a variety of software vendors, including SAP, IBM, Google, Atlassian, Cisco, Jive and many more.

Help us to help you as developer, administrator or business user and share your experiences, gives us your best practices, discuss the proposals, ask and answer questions. We opened a /community [original link is broken], as well as a wiki for Enterprise Social Systems related materials and discussions. The initial material are a Getting Started section, a handful of frequently asked questions, what actually is currently getting included in the Open Social standard from an enterprise point of view, projects and products already displaying integration between enterprise and enterprise related software with social systems, and finally a whole bunch of invaluable links.

You are invited to become part of our community. Go and visit us!

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