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Join the ” SAP Enterprise Asset Management Tribe ” on BPX

My First Blog….

Having bowed to peer pressure from Mark Yolton, Marilyn Pratt and HaJo Lockermann, it is finally time for me to enter the age of today’s social networking and start with becoming a blogger. I hate to admit the fact that this is actually my first blog. My regret comes not from the fact that I didn’t like creating it, but from the realization that I liked it and now I have to find some more hours to keep this up.

My Passion for EAM

I’ve been knocking around the SAP Ecosystem since 1993, the days of SAP R/3 3.0B  I was actually SAP Plant Maintenance Certified back in the 90’s. I am writing while  34,000 feet in the air on my way to yet another  “Mastering SAP”  event this time in Sydney, Australia. Once you start learning about SAP, you never stop.

This blog explains my passion for the domain covered by “SAP Enterprise Asset Management” formerly known as SAP Plant Maintenance.  Later this month SAP will announce a SAP Solution area focused on Enterprise Asset Management in the BPX Community (BPX.SAP.COM). I plan to contribute regularly become a cheerleader for to encourage anyone with knowledge to share about Enterprise Asset Management to contribute their thoughts and learnings.

In my travels around the world to speak about SAP Enterprise Asset Management, I have found that no matter where you go assets are assets, people are people which results in similar challenges and opportunities in this area. People are always interested in learning from each other about what works and what doesn’t.

I read a quote from H.W. Penrose a few months ago that resonated with me: “The proper management of physical assets remains the single largest business improvement opportunity in the 21st century.”

Based on my personal experience having been involved in Utilities for many years and speaking to many customers and analysts around the world, this is very much a true statement. It is the responsibility of those of use who understand these problems to make a difference.

An Invitation to Join the EAM Tribe

What can we as SAP, it’s customers and partners do? I think Seth Godin put it nicley in his book Tribes: ” The opportunity for every individual and every organization is to find and join and lead a tribe of people who are eager to go somewhere new”  My request is that everyone who shares my enthusiasm should join and participate in new Tribe in the BPX community focused on SAP Enterprise Asset Management.

This tribe consists those of us with a passion for finding ways to get more from our assets.  In the Utility world we called this ” Sweating our Assets”. Our EAM Tribe is a Community of Practice focused on getting more value from our physical assets across their lifecycle and sharing information and practices globally.

It is important to acknowledge that other tribes are out there and will no doubt be helping us as we will help them. The Americas SAP Users Group have EAM Special Interest Groups which add a lot of value to their regional members.

Our Tribe will be global and will also enable those who don’t have the benefit of a regional EAM Special Interest Group to connect with EAM Community members.For those of us who are EAM nerds and have wondered how to put social networking to good use, this is your opportunity.

By participating in the  BPX EAM community you can engage with your peers around the world and then arrange face-to-face meetups with fellow community members at the various SAP events.

Think of this Tribe as ” Applied Social Networking for Business Value in the area Enterprise Asset Management”, an opportunity to share information, experience and ask questions of the  Community  across companies. This is also an opportunity to help you with resources to further develop your own EAM Community of Practice internally.

The next SAP EAM meetup event that I am attending and presenting at will be the SAP Centric EAM Event in Tampa March 28-31, 2010.  In my next blog in April I will share some thoughts from this event and hope to entice some speakers and attendees to share their learnings with  the community.

Welcome to our  ” SAP Enterprise Asset Tribe “. I am looking forward to meeting you virtually or physically as we continue this journey to improving Asset Performance.

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  • Hi Paul,

    Great take on the EAM tribe – following your analogy here I think you’ll make a great (blogging) shaman.

    As you know, I’ve also created for first blog and I have to say, I had the same feeling – this is so much fun, why haven’t I caught on earlier? I guess we’re Web 2.0 late bloomers.

    Cheers, HaJo

  • Congrats, Paul, on your first blog.  Part of the fun in blogging is that no one interrupts you.  Yes, they disagree – but not until after you’ve had your say… and even then you get a chance to respond to the comments, questions, and contrary opinions.  If only my kids…

    I’m also glad to see they you’ve taken up the mantle of the efficient management of physical assets, a.k.a. Plant Maintenance, a.k.a. Enterprise Asset Management.  I look forward to a new tribe forming.

    Mark Yolton

  • I’ve followed PM for years from the FICO side.  I work primarily on the process that leads to the equipment record… capital planning in IM, cost capture in PS, and capitalization in FI-AA.  There is integration between those equipment and asset records but it’s not implemented as often as I think.  I have no idea why the industry (or SAP) calls it E-ASSET-M if they never bother to think of the fixed assets themselves. 

    There might be some co-blogging opportunities between us on that area because I’d like to give it some attention.

  • Looking forward to the EAM solution. There is a gap as compared to other EAM solutions in the market and SAP I think will plug it asap….will be keeping in touch…