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Start…Oracle Listener

While installing Process Integration7.1 (PI 7.1), after done with the pre-configurations steps and completed installing the oracle database and applied the patches (if required) and while started the final steps of installation suddenly an error occurs as below 



In order to trace out the error click on view log and Program starter which will run during installation process and we can trace the error is because of the listener has not yet started.To check whether the listener has started or not check the services by following the path as: Goto Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Services,is the path to see the services.




The above figure shows that the start type is manual and status is nothing. When we are trying to start it will not start and in order to start the oracle listener go to command prompt and select the drive in which our oracle (database) is installed and enter LSNRCTL as shown below  


And start the listener by entering the ‘start’ as shown below



 After done with the above steps the listener will get started and Status will be started as shown below and after creation of the oracle service the startup type will change to Automatic.


So now our oracle listener has started successfully and so to avoid the above error click on retry and continue with the installation as shown in the below screen and now we had fix the error if we observe the first image the installation got stuck up at the 11 step but after done with the above steps, the installation runs smoothly with out any errors.


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  • Hi Pavan,

    Thnx for the info! I have faced the same problem while installing. And now, your blog would be useful for the people who are trying installation and jammed at this step

    Keep up the good work!

  • When J2EE engine doesn’t start, this might be a one reason also.

    Few months back, I installed SAP PI 7.1 sucessfully. But after some time, I found J2EE eingine was not starting properly. I tried lots of options and alternatives.

    Finally, I started this service and found that J2EE engine started successfully.

    Thank for brining this information in the form of blog. I appriciate your contribution.