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How to Convert special currency indicators ( £ , ¥ , €)

Just a little intorduction.. 

The symbols for the US Dollar ($),British Pound (£) , Japanese Yen (¥) and Euro (€)are not allowed by default in the system.The symbol for the US dollar($) is allowed in BW with some customization the other special character leads to error in the system.

In the below example symbol i am explaining how to load data for special character British Pound (£) .


We have Successfully loaded data to an ODS Object the data is in new table.When we try to activate the request,you receive an error and the data is not updated in the active data table.

If we try to activate data that exists in the new table to active table will get SID generation error.



SAP BI system will not identify the Special characters like US Dollar ($),British Pound (£) , Japanese Yen (¥),  Euro (€) and exclamation mark  (!).When we use hash(#) value in uploading data it replaces with an hexa decimal value.Even though if you add these special characters in t-code RSKC.


In order to allow the special characters in the BI system special currency indicators can be assigned to three character currency codes in start routine.

For Example:British Pound (£) can be replaced with an three-character currency codes like GBP,Euro (€) with EUR.

Below code converts if it finds any special chracter to corresponding three-character currency codes.


Now £ replaced with GBP.

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