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SAP TechTour Takes Many Forms

SAP TechTour Takes Many Forms

This week is an exciting week for the SAP TechTour.  The content will be featured at the SAP Solutions Tour, the SAP User Group – Middle East North Africa Conference, and a standalone SAP TechTour event in the UK.  Please follow the links below to view detailed agendas and registration information.


March 15-17, 2010

Africa/Middle East Bahrain Manama
March 16, 2010 (SAP Solutions Tour) North America United States Parsippany, NJ
March 17, 2010 (SAP Solutions Tour) North America United States Irvine, CA
March 18, 2010 (SAP Solutions Tour) North America United States Philadelphia, PA
March 18-19, 2010 Europe United Kingdom Warwickshire


SAP Solutions Tour 2010 on LinkedIn: 

SAP is leveraging social media.  Here are a few helpful links to follow along with participants.





SAP TechTour 2010 United Kingdom and Ireland:  

Come for the content and valuable insight from the event keynote speakers.


18th  March 2010
10:00hrs Welcome & Introduction
Tim Noble, Managing Director, SAP UK & Ireland
10:10hrs Timeless Software
Chris Horak, Global Vice President – Head of Platform Marketing, SAP Biog…
Showcasing the stable enterprise core that has the flexibility to adjust and respond to change, combined with user-friendly interfaces, exemplify the path of innovation SAP has laid out for customers to help them stay ahead of change.
10.55hrs SAP & SAP BusinessObjects – 2 parts that make a whole
Sal Visca, SAP Technology Development Chief Technology Officer, SAP Biog…
Research and Development for the SAP platform and SAP BusinessObjects have joined together with a single roadmap. The vision for the future of these powerful product sets has been defined and can be shared.
Friday, 19th March 2010
09:00hrs Web 2.0… Unlocking SAP’s Innovation Potential
Darren Crowder, Solutions Business Development Team, SAP Biog…
This presentation is about what’s cooking at SAP… Creativity at its best. What types of inventions are we working on… It’s an introduction to the topic, an overview of some ideas we have. You’ll see and hear some things that may be different, not what you expected, completely off at another tangent… But all relevant… Companies have lots of challenges – they want to cut costs, attract new customers, keep old ones, close the books faster, manage change, create new processes, ensure governance, and keep shareholders happy… And business is moving faster than ever. They also want familiar tools, embrace what they know outside of employment… Social aspects of life…

The one thing we’re all looking for is clarity. Companies need to see clearly what’s going on in the market, think clearly about how they are going to react, and act clearly, turning high-level strategy into day-to-day execution. And to do that, they need to embrace new innovations… collaborate in different ways… Catch a wave… Defy gravity…

“Innovation” – a new way to do something or “new stuff that is made useful” we learn when we were kids.. (Wikipedia)


Many more events will be added to the calendar throughout the year.  If you would like to receive updates in real-time, please sign-up for the TechTour Alert.

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