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Meet the Mentors

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  • I thought the presentation format was great.
    I also enjoyed the stories of those that I have run across in the past and those new to me.
    Appreciate the update.
  • Excellent post, Blag.

    A couple of points:
    Firstly, for me, I found this so interesting. At one level, these people were selected for SAP Mentorship because of how good they are at what they do.  However, at another level, most of them (and other SAP mentors i have met / spoken / twittered with) are ‘just’ SAP Professionals like the rest of the SDN 2 Million.  They are hardworking, conscientious, professionals, who specialise in some part of our favorite brand of ERP software, that they are very enthusiastic about.  This raises an interesting implication….
    While there may be some indefinable difference between ‘them’ and ‘us’, that difference is not large, and is not insurmountable. A minor change in how you interact with those in your work place, the wider SAP community, and even society in general could make a massive impact on your sphere of influence, regardless of whether you aspire to be an SAP Mentor or not.

    Secondly, the mentors are not just excellent at their day to day jobs, they excel at passing on their knowledge and insights (I do like ‘Never Knowingly Underopinionated’ – if that was the only qualification a SAP mentor required, I’d be in…).

    However, – to pick some examples – Sue Keohan can’t help you with workflow, and Gretchen Lindquist, Karin Tillotson and Jim Spath can’t help with ASUG stuff, if they don’t know you have a problem.

    These people have accepted the roles because they WANT to help, they WANT to spread the word on their favourite piece of SAP. Make them happy by talking, communicating, with them, via

  • Great post! In addition to what’s being said, being a mentor also involves the ability to think outside the box and bring different perspective to the table.

    I am a new mentor this year, and I look forward to working with this group of wonderful and energetic people!

    Simon To

  • During SAP Inside Track in Bonn 2010 I had a chance to see a lot of “Men in Blue”, the mentors in action. It became clear (in this case live and in mono-colour blue) that mentors have an avid rule in the community. It is refreshing, innovating and driving. I remember someone to twitter a picture of DJAdams backhead to the listening twitter community live and then DJ turned around to see the camera. Interaction online, offline and focussed on SAP technology! I think we need a broader mentor movement of the same quality.
  • Blag,

    Great presentation and very informative.  Any chance of doing this in a expanded format to get the feedback of the SAP Mentors for this question.

    Take care,