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UAC Women of Technology

If you have not yet noticed the improvements, I hope you will take the time to navigate through our University Alliances community content pages. There is a wealth of content there that is logically placed by category for your consumption according to the highest Web 2.0 standards. Here in SAP UA, we call this new navigation and content “UAC 3.0” timed with our one-year anniversary of our first release.

Hopefully you have found that some earlier technical difficulties have been resolved regarding single-sign-on, downloading documents, etc. Also, you may have enjoyed the frequently-changing (dynamic) content in the ‘boxes’ throughout the pages. This is made possible through the use of the latest Web 2.0 widgets and tools.

Look through the blogs and discussion forums, and you will find the names of community members that are often recurring – answering questions, resolving problems, and giving advice. And there are some unnamed experts working behind the scenes constantly to assure the quality of the systems as well as of the content and dialogue (including awarding points).

It should not surprise anyone that many of the people I am referring to are women – after all it is 2010. However, it is more than appropriate to call attention to their high quality efforts and successes, in commemoration of Ada Lovelace Day. The point of this commemoration is to celebrate the contribution of women in technology. All of the reponsibilities and achievements mentioned here are based on learning and employing some of the latest technologies in the net.

Therefore, I would like you to join me in recognizing the following key community members. Heather Czech Matthews leads Content Management and ‘lobbies’ for all of us users throughout the UAC pages. Adi Kleiman leads the SCN development team for new technical advances and support. Diem Lam and Elizabeth Field supervise the content updates, perform project management, and create new documents and aids. Sonja Hecht and Gail Corbitt pore over the hundreds of forum discussions and individual threads to answer or find someone who can answer any open questions. Anisha Madappa updates content and uploads documents daily.

We also are indebted to the leadership from the SCN team who have provided training and guidance, monitor the site, and make sure we are included in all the exciting SCN activities and promotions.  They are Marilyn Pratt, Gali Kling-Schneider, Natascha Thomson, and Gail Moody-Byrd.

It is a great pleasure and honor to work with these outstanding contributors.

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