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PI/XI: SLD registration – PI 7.1 EhP1

I remember dozens of questions on the PI forum about missing SLD registration data
especially for the adapter engines. Finally with EhP1 for SAP PI 7.1 SAP decided
to make our lifes a little bit easier with SLD registration available from RWB.

In the past (starting when NWA became available) we could register
(or actually re-register as the registration of PI components in SLD
should always happen during the PI installation) from this link:

Operation Management
– – Systems 
– – – – Start & Stop 
– – – – – – Java EE Applications

Then we had to choose the applicable PI component like RWB on the screen below
and restart the application hoping this would register it correctly

You can find more about this method on:
Triggering Self-Registration of PI Components in the SLD

As of EhP1 for PI 7.1 (SP level 0) we have an option not only to register
PI components in SLD but also to check the status (finally something that easy…).
Once you open the new RWB you will see a new link in the main menu:

From this link you can directly register all of your central PI components:

but also no central (like non central adapter engines).

What is even better you can also check the status of this registration:

This is indeed a very small feature to be added and I don’t know why
the link to it is on the main RWB page (and not in the component monitoring for example)
but the fact is that anyone who ever tried to re-register an adapter engine
will really like this one. Obviously checking SLD registration status should
also be a standard part of every readiness check after each new installation.


Please have a look at OSS Note 1278229 – Update EHPI 7.10 to 7.11 PI RWB sld in case you’d some issues with Registration link in RWB

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    • Hi Phillip,

      no problem 🙂 the feature it tiny but how helpful:) 
      I also got some nice feedback about this
      via mail 🙂

      Michal Krawczyk

  • Wish they had merged it with component monitoring which checks for SLD registration of components as well instead of creating yet another screen to monitor/check PI.

    Anyhow, great to see your blogs coming again. Guess you’re having fun playing around with EHP1, keep it up 🙂