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Extraction of Custom Product Taxonomies from CRM or SRM

This blog mainly focuses on MDM Beginners. As we know Reference data replication into MDM is the first step for Master Data Consolidation and Harmonization scenario.

There are some good how to Guides and reference documents available on SDN which details Customization settings for Reference Data replication from CRM/SRM/ECC into MDM. So, in this blog I will only focus on how to customize MDM Generic Extractor Framework (MDMGX) for extraction and replication of Custom Product Hierarchies defined in CRM/SRM system (Taxonomies in MDM terminology) to MDM.

 To extract custom Product Taxonomies Function module Parameters for exceptional cases need to be defined with Constant “MDMGXExtractionMethod=2“. Steps for customization are as follows:


1.  First step is to find the Category Hierarchy ID of the Custom product Taxonomy to be extracted.

For this execute transaction COMM_HIERARCHY in CRM/SRM System and note the Category Hierarchy ID of the custom product Taxonomy.


2.  I am assuming Repository and FTP Server is already defined in MDMGX. So, next step is to Define Ports in CRM/SRM system. This can be done by Importing MDMGX content in your CRM/SRM system. To do so execute transaction MDMGX and select “Upload Ports and check tables”. Specify the Object Type as “Product”. Browse and select the MDMGX Configuration text file “MDMGX _Product.txt” and upload it.

This file can be found in Standard Product Business content. Make sure that Remove Header Line box is checked if your configuration file contains Header line.


3.  For Custom Product Taxonomy Extraction define Function module for exceptional Cases in transaction MDMGX as follow:

System  Function Module  Parameters 

Here, XXXX Means category Hierarchy ID and * means Parameter is Mandatory for MDM 5.5 SP05 or higher.

On the Main Screen of MDM Generic Extractor (MDMGX) click on “Define Function Module Parameters for Exceptional Cases”

Once “Define Function Module Parameters for Exceptional Cases” is clicked, it will open below mentioned screen. Click on Execute on this screen.

On the next screen, go to Table Entry Menu and select “Create” and create entries like shown below:




This completes customization for Custom Product Taxonomy Extraction.

4. Go back to MDM Generic Extractor Main screen and Execute Start Extraction to Test the Extraction.


Note that Standard Product Hierarchies like ‘R3PRODHIER’ (Product Hierarchy), ‘R3MATCLASS’ (Material Group) or ‘R3PRODSTYP'(Product Subtype) cannot be extracted using above mentioned function modules.


If you face problem in extraction then please check if any of below mentioned note is applicable to you:

For more details about Customizing MDM Generic Extractor please refer to

1. Very nice document written by Dheeraj Kumar on How to configure MDM Reference Data Extraction

2. MDM Product Content Information: SAP Note # 1252846

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