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11 March 2010 Postal Bulletin – NDC changes

Today’s PB has no less than 6 articles related to the DMM, with the item of primary interest for Presort being the one replacing all “BMC” references with “NDC” throughout the DMM (“Nomenclature Change Relating to the Network Distribution Center Transition”). These changes go along with the previously announced changes to the postage statements with the same change, which are required to be used starting in just 3 days (Mar. 14). While these changes are also effective 14 March 2010, they are not required until 26 May 2010, as the USPS previously stated in a DMM Advisory.

It may be a good idea to keep that date clearly in mind, as there are always a few cases reported where acceptance clerks think changes are required when they’re effective, but in this case just the postage statement changes are required 14 Mar; if you’re a mailer, you might save yourself some acceptance headaches between 14 Mar and 26 May if you can quickly say those other changes are not required until late May.

The BMC-to-NDC article does also clearly state these changes are limited only to the name changes, and “[t]here will be no changes to mailing standards, service standards, or USPS processes resulting from this action.” Postalsoft Presort 8.00c SP05 will support these changes, with release expected several weeks prior to the required date.

Looking at the other DMM items in this issue:

There’s a correction to labeling list changes that were in the 11 Feb PB, the required date was incorrectly stated as 5 Apr but should have been 15 Apr. The changes are in our March directories.

There are “New Options for Pallet Placards Bearing Intelligent Mail Container Barcodes,” which include some clarification and minor revisions to current DMM 708.6.6.2 requiring IM container placards to be on the outside of shrinkwrap or plastic. This article is a couple pages, so if you’re affected you may want to read about the options.

The other items are much more specific in nature, with updates to the size and weight limits for items mailed to Dept of State Addresses; a clarification about standards for nonregulated patient specimen packaging (I’m trying to imagine a pallet of presorted specimens…nope, can’t do it), and some updates to General Delivery service restrictions. The rest of the content appears to be pretty routine.

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