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UPDATE – SAP BusinessObjects Certification Exam Realignment (Announcement and FAQ)

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MESSAGE UPDATE as of 3/9/2010: As announced recently,  there will be new SAP BusinessObjects exams available by the end of April, 2010. The existing exams will all be retired on April 30, 2010 and replaced by:


  • SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – Crystal Reports 2008
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.x.


Due to popular demand SAP Education will also be publishing a fourth exam, the SAP Certified Application Associate – BusinessObjects Data Integrator.  In addition to the test delivery via Pearson VUE test centers, the new exams will also be available from April onwards at SAP Education Centers around the world.


FAQ UPDATE as of 3/9/2010:


1. What changes are upcoming for the SAP BusinessObjects certification program?

Effective April 30, 2010, there will be newly updated SAP BusinessObjects certification exams available after realignment with the SAP certification program. All existing SAP BusinessObjects exams will be retired at the end of April and will be replaced by the following four exams which are updated to reflect the most current software releases:

  • SAP Certified Application Associate Crystal Reports 2008
  • SAP Certified Application Associate BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x
  • SAP Certified Application Associate BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI 3.x
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – BusinessObjects Data Integrator


2. Do current certificates keep their validity?

Absolutely; individuals holding a current valid BusinessObjects certification will not need to recertify.


3. If a test taker is certified on BusinessObjects Certified Professional – Business Objects Enterprise XI R2 and requires only the XI 3.0 upgrade exam (SABE 501) to qualify for the XI 3.0 certificate what should he/she do?

To avoid taking the full certification exam after the retirement of the XI 3.0 upgrade exam the final exam should be taken prior to its retirement at the end of April.


4. What has changed in the new exams?

They have been updated to the most current software release and the scoring model has been changed to dichotomous scoring. The dichotomous scoring model scores multiple response questions as either correct or incorrect and does not give partial grades for responses. This better reflects the need for SAP customers and partners to know whether a certified individual can perform a task to the complete satisfaction of all concerned. Leaving a question blank is equivalent to a false response. In addition there is now only one exam required to gain the full certification.


5. Will the current certification holders automatically be considered at SAP Associate level?

Yes, those holding the valid BusinessObjects certification in the latest release are entitled to use the SAP Associate certification logo and title but no new certificates will be issued. The former BusinessObjects Certification branding and logo will no longer be used by SAP or provided to test takers.


6. For those who already possess the BOCP-CR XI, there is currently a delta BOCP-CR 2008 update exam to update to CR2008. Will a CR delta exam exist after this realignment?

No, after the realignment there will no longer be a delta exam to update to CR2008. This will be retired in April and not replaced.


7. Will the exam duration change?

The exam duration will be aligned with the rest of the SAP Global Certification program. There will be 80 questions in 3 hours.


8. Why is the series of exams for each BusinessObjects product line being compressed into single exams?

This is a step to align the BusinessObjects exam format with the rest of the SAP Global Certification program.


9. How many times can the test taker take the certification exam?

He/she can sit for an SAP certification exam a maximum of three times. If he/she is unsuccessful in passing your certification exam after two attempts, and has not previously taken SAP training classes, we highly recommend that they complete the training. The fee for certification retakes is the same as the initial exam. No candidate may sit for the same examination for the same release more than three times. A candidate who has failed an examination three times for a release may not attempt that examination again until the next release. There are no rules on waiting periods prior to a retake.


10. A test taker just missed reaching a passing grade and would like SAP to review my exam for possible rescoring. What is the appeals process?

Unless there were technical system difficulties experienced while taking the exam, exams will not generally be reviewed for rescore. If however a test taker feels that there are grounds for appeal it is necessary to submit that appeal to the local SAP Education team as soon as possible – but at the latest up to 3 months – after the testing event.


11. Where can SAP BusinessObjects tests be taken?

From April 30, 2010 SAP BusinessObjects certification exams will no longer be available via Pearson VUE test centers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. However the exams will continue to be available via Pearson VUE test centers in the rest of the world. From April onwards the registration for an SAP BusinessObjects exam at a Pearson VUE Test Center will no longer be possible at All future registrations must be made via In addition to this, the SAP BusinessObjects exams will also be available in SAP Education Centers around the world from April 2010 onwards. Registration for this can be arranged via or by contacting your local SAP Education representative.


12. Is there any difference in the certification exam at an SAP Education center or through SAP’s delivery partner, Pearson VUE?

No. Certification exams are the same no matter where the test is taken.


13. Does the test taker need to enter a SAP user ID when registering for a certification exam and does he/she need to be affiliated with an SAP customer or partner in order to take an exam?

The test taker does not need to be affiliated with an SAP customer or partner in order to take an exam, but does have to apply for a so-called S-User ID (or in the case of internal employees an I, D or C-user ID) from SAP prior to registering. Instructions on how to apply for that ID and register for the exam can be found at


14. How does a test taker obtain the actual certificate?

On successfully passing the exam, the certificate will be sent to the test taker within 4-6 weeks. For queries please contact For exams taken at SAP Education Centers the certificates will be sent by your local Education team.


15. Are professional and master exams planned for SAP BusinessObjects certifications?

There are not currently plans for professional and master exams.


16. Can SAP BusinessObjects vouchers be ordered for taking tests at VUE?

Yes. Vouchers can be ordered online here


17. Will the pricing change?

The pricing will be aligned with the rest of the SAP Global Certification program to reflect the increased exam duration and the single exam per certification scenario. Pricing will not differ between an exam taken at a VUE test center or an SAP Education Center. For local pricing please consult your local SAP Education web site.


18. How can a test taker get information about recommended training offerings to prepare for the tests?

The recommended training alternatives are listed in the test section on


19. Are Academies or eAcademies planned as part of the SAP BusinessObjects curriculum?

Academies are planned for launch in 2011.

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