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PI/XI: PI 7.1 upgrade/migration – Message Mappings – ver 2

Some of us have experienced a strange error where a simple mapping
with small payload ends up with OutOfMemory exception in PI > 7.1
while the same mapping was working correctly before the upgrade.  

The cause of the error is well known – when you use the display queue option
and save the mapping before the display queue option was processed
the mapping is not saved correctly even though it does not display any error.
The Remedy is quite simple (from OSS note -1353417) – you just need to go
to the edit mode of the mapping and save it once more
but how to find all mappings which might have this error?

It turns out this is a known error and SAP even prepared a small report
that can help you finding such mappings and implemented it as a part of the
message mapping upgrade report which I’ve described some time ago:

The specified item was not found.

when you start the link:

you now have a second option to specify the query string and if you put – addIteratorToDump
it will show all the mappings that can have this error. After you correct the mappings
you should see the screen below: with no mappings found 🙂  

you can also start the report directly with link:


I hope this info can save some of you a few hours of checking why is this happening 🙂

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