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Gartner just issued their opinion on the new SAP Information Interchange (managed EDI services solution) announcement. First, here is how Gartner explains it, “SAP Information Interchange by Crossgate is a B2B gateway that allows companies to exchange purchase orders, forecasts, invoices, delivery notes and other documents electronically via their SAP applications.”

For SAP customers with a specific strategy of standardizing on SAP solutions and simplifying their IT environments this will be appealing. SAP field sales teams will now be directly selling this EDI and e-Invoicing solution on SAP paper. This SII (SAP Information Interchange) solution will now be a check box item on new SAP proposals and RFIs, RFQs and RFPs that require EDI and B2B functionality. SAP pre-sales and sales teams will be trained on SII features going forward.

Because this is a managed SAP EDI services solution operating in a cloud computing environment, no hardware, software or EDI specialists will be required to operate EDI in an SAP environment going forward. It will involve a one time set-up and then just a monthly subscription.

“SAP’s direct role as an investor in Crossgate and its direct reselling of the Crossgate solution is SAP’s strongest ever commitment to a B2B services solution….SAP Information Interchange by Crossgate seems to be the B2B offering that SAP will strategically bring forward for B2B. ” ~ Gartner

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  1. Michal Krawczyk
    I wish Gartner would stay with
    technologies and not give any more
    comments of software products.
    I still remember Gatner’s info about
    end of PI…

    Maybe let’s just not quote Gartner’s
    info about products

    Michal Krawczyk 

    1. Gregory Misiorek
      Panie Michale,

      whether we like it or not, gartner is the leading IT analyst company and its opinions carry a lot of weight in the corporate departments, at least here in the US.

      i don’t always agree with their opinions that seem to be driven by gartner’s eagerness to keep its customers happy which includes buyers and sellers of corporate IT solutions.

      when it comes to the details of software they tend to err on the side of marketing blitz and don’t really care about what the real life is for us who use software day in and day out, but it’s good to have them on our side.

      disclaimer: i worked for gartner in the late 90s and it was gartner that made me try SAP and i haven’t stopped for over 10 years now.

      Z wyrazami szacunku,


      1. Michal Krawczyk

        I’m only saying that Gartner should
        concentrate on technology (like SOA, RFID, EDI in general not product specific)
        and not comment on products – as they make
        huuuuge mistakes about that (end of PI is the best example).

        that’s all,

        Michal Krawczyk

        1. Harald Nehring
          It also depends on who at Gartner makes a statement. Some of their folks really try to untangle complex market moves for clients while others just push an agenda that they’re trying to get out of some trough of disillusionment. Overall I see them as too siloed, forgetting that users are looking for solutions, not distinct set of tools they all have to understand and make sense of themselves.
  2. Former Member Post author
    Another EDI/B2B service? I understand that one saves the money for running one`s own platform. Still the problem of custom mappings remains. If only standard solutions are offered one will have to implement solutions in SAP backend to account for a companies specific needs.
    I see some advantages if you do not have specific business needs. But who does not?
    From my point of view it is an offer of limited interest.

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