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I would like to annouce that the SAP BPX Professional Curriculum (TBPM20) and Certification (P_BPX_70) have been completed successfully. The new course is now available globally via  SAP Education

The BPX Professional Curriculum consists of the following new courses: 

  • SOA120: How to use the ASAP Implementation Methodology 7.0 for SOA-architected solutions. How to use SAP Enterprise Modeling by IDS Scheer together with Enterprise Service Repository in this scenario
  • BPM 140: SAP NetWeaver BPM for Business Process Experts
  • BPM150: Perform business process simulation and optimization, business process modeling, business process publishing and process performance measurement according to the phases of the ASAP Methodology 7.0. How to use SAP Enterprise Modeling Applications by IDS Scheer  in this scenario
  • BPM 310: BPM Governance togethter with SAP Enterprise Architecture/TOGAF including how they are link to the Business Model of the Company
  • Certification P_BPX_70: SAP Certified Application Professional – Business Process Expert

The BPX Professional curriculum is supported by the new SAP BPM Book Real World BPM in an SAP Environment

Just like the BPX Associate curriculum and certification program are supported by the SAP BPM Book “Business Process Management – The SAP Roadmap“, we will also have a new BPM Book called “Real World BPM in an SAP Environment” supporting the BPX Professional curriculum and  certification program.
The book will be published in July 2010.

Coming soon the next SAP BPM book “Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment”

I encourage  you to share your learnings and experiences with BPM in all its aspects so that we can collaboratively learn from each other.

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  1. Former Member
    Dear Ann,

    Congrats and best wishes for rolling this out globally. However, it is disheartening to bring to your notice that despite repeated follow-ups and reminders, not even a single training session on BPX is organised in Indian subcontinent.

    You may like to note.

    Best Regards

    1. Piyush,

      There are a certain minimum number of participants needed to conduct these sessions. Just last week, I conducted the BPM130 session for IBM in Kolkata.So, if you have some people interested from your organization too – you can reach out to me / SAP Education team 🙂


  2. Former Member
    Dear Ann,

    My understanding is that today SAP relies on ARIS platform from IDS Scheer in process modelling. However, I presume that brand new SAP tool Gravity may play similar role in the future.

    Does it mean that when (if at all) Gravity tool is formalized into end product SAP will change content of this course? Are there any time frames for such release?

    Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

    Thanks and all the best!

  3. Former Member
    I am an independent SAP Consultant specializing in Managing Projects end to end. I need some direction and advise on how best to streamline my leaning and horn in on a combination of speciality areas. I am highly interested in getting certified in the following areas: Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management. Please can you advise on the best way I can archive this? Again my focus is to get certified.



  4. Christian DE NEEF
    Dear Ann et al,

    Only a few weeks ago, I got certified as a Business Process Expert (P_BPX_70 Certification). The courses I followed prior to certification include BPM100 (BPM Overview), BPM130 (ARIS for BPM), BPM300 (BPM Governance Overview), SAPNW (Netwaver Overview), and SOA100 (SOA Fundamentals).  My comments/questions:
    –     This seems quite different from the list suggested above.  Why such difference?  Have the courses changed?  Has the P_BPX_70 certification been adapted? 
    –     Are all these courses needed/useful? I am not 100% sure, but I believe that all of the certification questions came from 3 courses only: BPM100, BPM300, and the SOA course (few questions only). 



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