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I was just exploring the new features in SAP E-recruiting EHP4 developed using ABAP Webdynpro and comparing with the early versions which is developed using Business Server Pages.

One of the fantastic option which comes with this latest Package is the Reports section. There is a standard role Recruiter under which you can see the workset named Reports.

All the reports that appears in the portal under the reports can be can configured in the R/3 transaction named LPD_CUST. There are various application categories with which you can launch in the portal using this transaction and they are

  • Portal Page (POP), Transaction (TRA), URL (URL), SAP BI Report (Query) (BW), SAP BI Report (Web Template) (BWT), Report Writer (RW), Manager’s Desktop (MDT),Web Dynpro Java (WDJ),Web Dynpro ABAP (WDA),KM Document (KD),Visual Composer Xapps (DAB), InfoSet Query (ISQ),Object Based Navigation.

In this blog will explain how to integrate the SAP BI Report (Query) (BW) within the report section.

Log into the Transaction LPD_CUST, choose the Recruiter Role, click the change mode and choose any of the existing application names in the folder (OR) create a new folder and a new application. Here, will explain how to change the application that comes with the standard content in EHP4.



Obtain the created Infocube name and the query name created in the SAP BI system using the RSA1 Transaction and fill the “parameters for application section”. Do not forget to give the system alias name created in the portal for the same BI system.



Click the link “Reject EEO applicants” where the BI application parameters are linked.


 Once you click the above link, the custom BI query created specific to SAP E-recruiting EHP4 will be displayed as shown.


You can change the allignment of the links by clicking the “Change Launchpad” button. the following screen appears once you do that.


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    1. Rajkumar Shanmuganathan Post author

      Roles such as ERC, FPM_NAV_2, HAP, PLM, RECRUITER are all the parts of the standard E-recruiting EHP4 solution and i have used Recruiter role.
      If you want to create your own Role, then create it by clicking the New Launchpad button.


  1. Former Member
    Where are these queries?   From documentation below it seems they are created using classic infosets on E-recruiting system so why does it say they must be activated in BI(BW) client?  Our BW system is on Netweaver 7.0, SP 20, BI content is 704.  We are implementing EHP4 stack 6 on E-recruiting (which is also on Netweaver).

    I can see these 2 queries on E-recruiting launchpad as shown in your blog, but not in SQ01 (E-Rec) or BI CONTENT (BW).  My feeling is they are run using BEX on E-recruiting system.

    documentation from SPRO and EHP4:

    My Requisitions with EEO Data (display via BEx Query)

    Rejected EEO Applicants (display via BEx Query)

    The reports are based on the following InfoSets:



    ERC_EEO_2003 (EEO Data (Equal Employment Opportunity))


    In the standard system, two queries are included in the portal as Business Explorer Queries (BEx Queries).

    In the standard system, the system displays two queries as Business Explorer Queries (BEx Queries) – My Requisitions with EEO Data and All Rejected EEO Applicants.


    ???Before you can execute these queries, you must use the transaction RSA1 to copy them to the active version in the BI client and to activate them there.


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