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BPX SAP CRM Community Updates

What’s new with the SAP CRM Forums?

In the last year there have been several changes to the SAP CRM Forums.  I want to spotlight some of the more recent changes

New Forum: CRM Middleware Framework

SAP CRM: Master Data & Middleware

Finally a place to answer all those questions about BDOC’s, and data transfer from ERP to CRM and CRM to ERP.   This was created based on feedback from the general community.  

New Forum: CRM 4.0 to CRM 7.0 Upgrade

SAP CRM: Upgrades and Enhancement Packs

If you are upgrading from CRM 4.0 to 7.0 and have questions, then this is the place to ask those questions.

What’s new with the SAP CRM wiki?

We have created a new CRM Community overview page, which allows for quick reference for you to access information about the BPX SAP CRM community. What you will find are the following:

  • Blogs/articles about the SAP CRM BPX community
  • List of moderators for the blogs, forums and wiki’s that are part of the community
  • List of SAP Mentors involved in the community

Now there is a easy way to figure out who to contact if you need some moderator intervention for CRM related topics.

Finally a thank you!

The reason why all above changes happened are because of the constant participation of each individual member of our community.  

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  • I for one find it very helpful to see a list of experts, moderators and resources that are community based and all CRM oriented in one wiki page.  I like this idea and hope other topic owners will develop similar pages with such great resource links.  Thanks for pulling this together Stephen.