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Author's profile photo Neil Gardiner

Pre SAP InsideTrack Australia 2010

SAP Inside Track Australia 2010 

That time of year has come again. In less than a month it will be time for SAP InsideTrack Australia. This year the event is being held at the Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney on Saturday the 21st of March.

Sydney Harbour

SAP Inside Track Bonn, Germany 2010

My good friend and SAP Mentor and his esteemed colleague, Tobias Trapp, also an SAP Mentor, have just successfully hosted SAP Inside Track Bonn 2010. This was a roaring success and I hope that we can live up to that in 4 weeks time. Here is the link to Thorsten’s blog about his event: SAP Inside Track Bonn Was A Blast

My Thoughts 

This will be my first time attending this event and whilst I am excited I am also nervous. Why? Simple really. Over the past 12 months or so I have befriended a lot of SAP peeps, several of which are SAP mentors, via Twitter but have yet to meet them in person. That is all about to change in 4 weeks time and I am somewhat nervous. Hopefully we will all get on in person. I am pretty sure we will though as we all have something in common, SAP.

It is because of these people that I am attending this event. Before getting to know these people I just saw working in the SAP arena as a job. Now, I see it as much much more and such events as SAP Inside Track, Mastering SAP, Saphhire and TechEd just go to prove that.  

SAP Mentors 

Not only are the who’s who of SAP Consultants, Users etc.., of Australia, going to be attending but we are also incredibly fortunate to have not one, not two, not three but 6, yes 6, SAP Mentors attending this year. Outside of the USA this is the biggest gathering of SAP Mentors, to date, at any one time. Two of whom are home grown Aussies. Namely Graham Robinson( and Tony De Thomasis (

The other 4 Mentors attending are the Alpha Dog himself, Thomas Jung, Karin Tillotson, Gretchen Lindquist and last but not least Ingo Hilgefort.

To learn more about the SAP Mentor program look here: SAP Mentor Initiative

Registration and Further Information

you smallThis event is open to one and all and registration and further information, on the event, can be found here at Graham Robinson’s blog:

Follow Up

I will follow up this blog, post event, to share my findings and hopefully share some photos.

Looking forward to seeing you all there and putting some faces to names.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Neil,

      Firstly, it's nice to not be limited to 140 chars to respond to a comment from you for once so bare with me for my longer than normal response!

      This will be my 4th Aussie SDN day/Community Day/Inside track or whatever you want to call it (I can't keep up) and I highly recommend this day to anyone even if it means flying interstate for the day (there's also the conference to attend if you can, but I know not everyone can do that). 

      Anyway, the event is driven by strongly opinionated (backed by practical experience) and pasionate people which category you obviously fall into, so I defintely look forward to catching up in person.

      Also, rather than write a separate and quite short blog; I'd like to add how important I believe the SAP community is to your blog.  What I've come to learn since moving to a company with investments in multiple large software companies is the impact of dealing with software companies without the vision and/or execution around community that SAP has.

      I'm not sure how SAP did it; but I believe the community is what makes SAP so special and a joy to work in.  i.e. You writing this blog is an example of how we are all committed to working to improve SAP.  From a technical perspective, throw in the eGheads, TechEd's, DemoJam, lots of community tutorials, great active forums/blogs...all "Powered by NetWeaver Dudes"... it all adds up.

      See you in Sydney,

      Author's profile photo Neil Gardiner
      Neil Gardiner
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your response. As you are an old hand at this I will be turning to yourself, Graham, Martin and TdT for guidance.

      SAP certainly got the community spirit right. You just have to look at the calibre of some of the people who contribute to know that it's a winner.

      Cheers and see you on the 22nd.

      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan
      Hi Neil,
      Nice Blog!
      I am glad to know I will be able to keep up with some of my fellow Yankees (well, so to speak, since none are from NY that I know of) while they are at the conference in Australia.

      It really makes 'work' a lot better when there is a community behind it, doesn't it?  Way back in the 90's there were so few ways to communicate with other SAP folks, if you could even find them.  Now, click click, and you can see Thorsten's reflections on #SAPInsideTrackBonn, or whet your appetite for more insights from you on #SAPInsideTrackOZ. 

      Keep up the great work!

      Author's profile photo Neil Gardiner
      Neil Gardiner
      Blog Post Author
      Hey Sue,

      Thanks. I am looking forward to meeting the "Yankees". Hopefully you will be able to head over this way soon.

      Too true, it's only recently that I have taken an interest in the community and I have you and the others such as Thorsten, TJ, eWh etc.. to thank for that.


      Author's profile photo Martin English
      Martin English
      I'm looking forward to meeting you (and Karin and Gretchen and so on) in person, and catching up with others like Matt and Graham.

      I can only add +1 to the comments by Sue and Matt regarding the community.  One point that DOES need emphasis is that I've got more out of the community (including but not limited to SDN) since I've started getting more actively imvolved

      Martin  aka  @martin_english

      Author's profile photo Neil Gardiner
      Neil Gardiner
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Martin,


      I have to agree. Since getting to know those who are active in the community and becoming more involved myself not only have I gained much more knowledge I have also gotten to know some great folks.


      P.S. First beer / wine is on me on the 22nd.