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How to search OSS NOTES that are relevant & applicable ONLY to your system

Minimum requirements:
You must have a login ID & password to get into service market place.
Find out all the notes for a given search term, say ‘FMRE’.
Traditional Approach:
Step 1. Login to Service Market place.
Step 2: Hit sub tab ‘Search for SAP Notes’ on tab ‘Help & Support’
Step 3: Give the search term as ‘FMRE’ and begin the search.
Result: Yielded 170 notes for FMRE search term.
This number is a combination of both notes, which are valid and not valid for your system release and service pack(SP) level. To find out if the note is relevant to your system release & SP level, open each and every note to confirm.
So What? This traditional way is a very tedious job and will have to invest lot of time.
How can we save time and is there a way to find the notes that are relevant and applicable ONLY to our system?
Here you go…(assuming you still did not log out from marketplace)

Alternative approach:

Step 1:  On tab ‘Help & Support’ go to sub tab ‘Report a product Error’.
Step 2: You will find multiple systems here. Click on the appropriate system. On clicking, you will be navigated to next screen.
By selecting your appropriate system in step 2, system data like release & SP level are automatically loaded into a virtual selection-criteria and thus help the search criteria to filter & display the SAP notes that are relevant and applicable ONLY for your system.
Step 3: In the next screen, enter the search criteria ‘FMRE’
Step 4: Hit on CONTINUE button.
This will narrow down the number of notes to 22 for this search term and all the notes are relevant to your system release and SP level. The best part is, this search will NOT show the notes that were already implemented in our system for our release & SP level. This will bring up notes ONLY which are not implemented for our release & SP level and notes with greater than our release & SP level.Lol!!!
You can further narrow your hits by choosing appropriate COMPONENT from step 3.
This way, I saved lot of time in analysing which note is relevant to our system and which is not. I was working on a requirement and researched to find this method and thought of sharing with you all. Hope this is helpful.

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  • You can already restrict the search for relevant OSS notes by using the “restriction” feature search options. here you can choose “restrict by my SAP sytem” then choose your relevant SAP system. Providing your systems support package levels etc are up to date in the SAP service market place you then achieve the desired result. No need to go to reporting a product error.

    Regards, Michael

    • Thank you Micheal.
      I picked the option ‘Restrict by my SAP System’ and conducted the search, this way I had over 150 results.

      “here you can choose “restrict by my SAP sytem” then choose your relevant SAP system.” I did not find an option to choose my relevant SAP system. Can you please throw more light here…

      “No need to go to reporting a product error.” This is still picking the relevant SAP system only!!!


      • Hi,

        Once you choose the option “Restrict by my SAP System” you then also choose the “select” to the right hand side. This should then give an additional window in which you see the systems assigned to the customer number for which your SAP Net id is assigned. Then by selecting the relevant system all relevant support packages etc are then placed into the search screen. This does assume your administrators are keeping the current patch levels up to date, either via SolMan upload or manually.

        Cheers, Michael

  • I always use to wonder why product error showed less number of notes.
    But now i know the reason…. Thats nice of you share such simple but effective ideas..