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New Faces in the SCN Collaboration Team

I often take it upon myself to introduce new arrivals and welcome recent additions to our SCN family and in my 6 years with the SAP Community Network have had the pleasure to highlight community and team members for you, our extended family.  It is one of the delights (privileges) of being a community advocate.


Last week I took a trip to our SAP Americas Headquarters in snowy Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.  It was an opportunity to meet-up, live with 2 new members of our SCN Collaboration Team, visit with Chief Operations Officer Chip Rodgers, give a quick hug to his TechEd Event Team: Philippe Rosset, Director Of SAP TechEd (caught by Abesh doing the Jig in SAP TechEd Bangalore), Every Vote for SAP TechEd Sessions Counts …  Especially Yours , Don’t Let Anxiety Keep You from Speaking at      SAP TechEd and Consider attending SAP TechEd 09?  Make your conference experience even more rewarding) and interact virtually with some of our other team colleagues, veterans and newbies.


Gali Kling-Schneider hosted a virtual introduction to collaboration, moderation, and the administrative behind-the-scenes work of SCN for all the newbies including to Shweta Kesarwani  (on loan to our team for a 5 month stint). You can see some of Shweta’s impressions of her trip to the US from Bangalore in her personal blog.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from Shweta who has a solid background in Business by Design and Business Intelligence.

Also present virtually was our new Palo Alto team member, Laure Cetin  who in her own words: “has been at SAP since 2005, started in Waldorf within the Software Partner Program, and moved to Palo Alto in 2008….recently changed roles within the Global Ecosystem and Partner Group and transferred to the SAP Community Network Team (SCN). In her new role, will focus on the SCN Contribution Program and also work to strengthen our SAP-ASUG collaboration”.  Twitter Handle:


Gali’s new teammate (who many of you might already know from his supportive work on the wiki platform) isAvailable Macros in WikiAvailable Macros in Wiki.  I’ll have to wait a bit before meeting Moshe in Ra’anna, Israel, but in the interim, anyone who has the pleasure of engaging with him around wiki topics is in for a treat: fast, smart, helpful.


One of the main reasons I decided to make the trip to SAP US headquarters was to meet up with someone I’ve been corresponding with lately and someone who will be my most immediate work partner.

Martin Lang

                              (Photo taken by Chip Rodgers, additional hand Philippe Rosset)

I’d like to introduce Martin Lang, (twitter handle: ) who with his rich IT business development background is a perfect complement to the SAP Collaboration Team.    In his blog profile he describes himself  as having “been with SAP almost 10 years. For the longest time in SAP IT, supporting and improving SAP’s internal processes, always eager to make work easier for SAP’s Finance and Back office people with SAP technology and Solutions. Recently joined the SCN Collaboration team and looking forward to many new opportunities working with the SAP Community”.




Martin has already made strides in evangelizing the participation of the SAP IT community on this website, encouraging his own IT colleagues and former colleagues to share their knowledge and experience.


Some of you might have noticed him immediately busy at work supporting bloggers, wiki contributors and voicing (in his very quiet and modest way) helpful suggestions for streamlining some of our processes.  Despite his years of experience and knowledge around technological functionality, he seems to be in real “listen mode” and those that interact will find he has a gracious and attentive approach.  I’m very excited to welcome him to ‘da family’ and SAP mentor-meister Mark Finnern should take note: Martin plays the trombone and sings in a choir.

I’m hoping we shall be making some great music together as a team.

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  • Thanks Marilyn for the introduction! Actually I’m a bit of a musician too as I play the piano. I know that Philippe plays the guitar, what a great ensemble that would be with Martin and Mark 😉
    • And when I asked my father as a child if I should play for him a song called “Long, long ago”, he adroitly replied: “Please play far, far, away” .
      Marc Dietrich (of BPX Process Design Slam fame) is actually a rock musician.  I bet we could really get some community jamming going….
  • Thanks Marilyn!
    I’ve met up with Martin when he visited Vancouver last month. Looking forward to meeting others if I get the chance!


  • Hi Martin, Laure, Moshe and Shweta – nice to ‘meet’ the new members of the SCN collaboration team. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you on the SCN scene and look forward to hopefully connecting with each of you at some point.

    Also, the video chat with Martin was a nice touch – and I was curious to know more about what his overall experience and approach have been when encouraging SAP IT folks to be more active on SCN. I am trying to do something similar, and it has proved to be both a challenging and rewarding process.

    In any event, will be good to collaborate with you all in some form or another.

    • I know a bit about the way Martin does this as I observe his work with some of the technical webloggers, but perhaps Martin will share some of the secrets of how he engages members of the SAP IT community in collaborative activities.  That will indeed be a story worth sharing.
  • Thanks Marilyn, even if you “just” play the flute as you said in your comment below, you have a great feeling, a sharp eye and very good hearing for subtle details in relationships as well as strengths and talents of folks and what people feel passionate for. This is quite apparent even in this blog and how you portrait the meetings we had last week and how the entire team fits together.

    I liked the music analogy as indeed making music together has a lot in common with a healthy (and fun) community.
    Most recently these two blogs catched my eye in terms of music analogy to (our) community.
    Shel Israel specifically reflecting on Zia Yusuf comparing the SAP community with an orchestra:
    and our own Mark Finnern in a blog from back in 2009 giving some examples of how making music together makes us happy:

    Sure enough the music analogy might not resonate with everybody though, either way I am excited about this change, this great team and being able to help the people that make up this amazing community.

    • At Sapphire 2008 I met Kevin de Kock who saved my professional reputation by creating an impromptu theme for me to speak about. I also wrote a blog about it and called it: Successful Collaboration is Like Jazz
      I loved the music analogy and favor it on the orchestra theme.  (Sorry Shel, but although I love classic music and orchestrated music, I also really LOVE non-conducted jazz collaborations.)  I think the musicians can be just as amazing and the product just as inspirational as one that is structured “top-down”.  In both cases you need real virtuoso performers but in an ensemble you are less likely to get all-absorbed in the reputation of the conductor but rather admire the ensemble work.  Get my drift?  Community collaboration is like the best jazz ensembles where there is a real conversation between the players.  You Martin, give the impression of a “musician” capable of improvising even with virtuoso experience and listening to your fellow players.  We are lucky to have you onboard.
      • Am fully up for some Jazz and “improvising” when it comes to Collaboration and improving business processes with technology together, don’t expect me to do that with my Trombone though 😉 I could never figure out to get away from the structure/score and improvise well when it comes to Music making 🙂