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A great saturday at the river Rhine – SAP Inside Track Bonn 2010

The Community Day in Bon was a great success.

It was perfectly planned and organized, a great thanks needs to go to AOK Systems and Tobias Trapp and Thorsten Franz as the organizer. Catering, Organization, Evening Event – picture perfect. And if you ever wondered, what the heck AOK is – it is the largest public health care insurance in Germany, something like BlueShield/BlueCross in USA.

If you follow the Wiki  you could get a great sense of the way, new web technologies are supporting community features. During preparation and setup of the conference, the WIKI was essential for everybody –  organizers, referents and  organizators.

While everybody (around 80 People were registered)  was setting up in the conference room early Saturday Morning, all were welcomed by the AOK crew with free coffee and sandwiches. Soon,  the WiFi-net was starting to glow. Twitter, Blogs,  Flickr, TwitterPics, everything was floating around through cyberspace and twitterville.  It was Geekfest from the very beginning.

After a warm welcome by Tobias and Thorsten, the first session was by Tom Jung of SAP in USA, who was awake at 3am his time, to give us a presentation via Webex.  Fortunately for us, unfortunately for the sdn community, we are not authorized to tell or show to you what we know now. Next time, just be there and you will also know everything about the new features of the next Web Dynpro ABAP Release. The luck of the first movers, I guess.


Then, Sergio Ferrari (He and his company where generously sponsoring the evening dinner) was giving us a lot of insights about Flash Islands and Adobe Interactive Forms, which was very interesting. While Adobe Interactive is a more common technology in a lot of projects, Flash Islands are great for providing graphical features beyond Web Dynpro. When I also look at the new Visual Composer in CE 7.2, I must say that Flash Islands have a great future potential in SAP Web Applications, just stay tuned.

Renald Wittwer talked about Open Street Maps and he was showing the alternative to Google Street Maps. While Google is not available as common license behind firewall , projects needs to look at Open Source Implementations, unless they buy (expensive) corporate license. Open Street Maps is a promising solution for all Geo-Based applications and he showed us how to integrate this into WD ABAP.  The discussion was also about Google’s role in data security issues.  (Talk Buzz!)

My Presentation was moved in last minute from Prime Spot to “sub prime” time and location, ;-(   – but that has made my audience very special and focused. We discussed a lot about new Web technologies, eLearning, new endeavors like SAP “Learning on Demand” and new ways of communicating.  A lot of people afterwards who missed my session asked me about a video version of my presentation, which I will publish soon via sdn and the community day wiki site.

Then was Tobias Trapp and Bianca Borsan about Ontologies. The most impressive part was the use of ontologies and his engagement in a social project in Germany called “Stolperstein” (Stumbling block) about paving public places with cobblestones, engraved with the name of  past Jewish people from the neighborhood, who were murdered by the Nazis. The collection and cataloging of names and histories was part of his project that leads to the name on the stones in the street. It was a stunning, but also very graphic example of an ontology, which actually had names and fates in it.

Agile Programming from Twan van den Broek was a  great example with photos from a complete Agile Project with SCRUM. This was a vivid example of a very livid project approach.  It really put “Agile” on my map of project methods, that have a serious approach and are worthwhile to look at, especially if you have everybody on location. This seems to be one reason, why Agile can be a real success with projects.  The rule “Every morning, 15 minutes, just say what you are working on today and what will hinder you” really comes to mind when you are in the next 2 hour long project meeting.

The last one was about the “Hacks” with ABAP. I am not sure, if your boss would have loved what we heard here, but now we can hack (almost) all SAP systems. Leon Boeijen and  Robert Eijpe are specialized in Security Risk Analysys, besides being seasoned ABAPers and FlashIslanders, so you better engage them before somebody else of us will use the knowledge from this session. Actually, most of us have used the one or the other technique as a lifesaver to get some transports into the target system, when deadline was lurking and the basis people where already in Feierabend.

At the end, when powerlines where already removed, I was wrapping up with collecting all the video material from the day and organizing a special  sdn project group on Vimeo   to do the Post Production and tinker with eLearning new medias. You will see the video results coming up over the next weeks, so watch our ongoing work and project there.


These where the sessions I attended and videographed, so stay tuned. There have been a lot more sessions –  maybe other can blog about the sessions I missed, because they were in parallel.

What is the overall impression I took home after a long Saturday, back in the train to Darmstadt? Great time, great people and the chance, to extend the “virtual” sdn to real life networks of people in flesh and blood and an actual voice to talk to. A lot of impressions and new ideas to look up in sdn when I am home and more people on your personal list to blog, to talk and to twitter.

And with a big (and heavy) Workflow book from Galileo Press as a thank you to the teachers.

Can’t wait for next year and thanks to all and everybody – especially, again, all AOK Systems people.  

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      Author's profile photo Thorsten Franz
      Thorsten Franz
      Thank you for this great account of your SAP Inside Track Bonn experience (and for the flowers). 🙂 Recording sessions at the event and making them available for collaborative editing is a great idea. I hope we will see a lot more of this in the future.
      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Hi Holmer,
      Had just commented on Thorsten's blog entry that I missed videos and now I realize that you are caring for that detail.  Thanks so much and looking forward to more of your content (and of course very intrigued to hear what you did with ergodicity).
      Author's profile photo Holger Stumm
      Holger Stumm
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Marilyn,
      thanks for the message. Video will come along, but I a also in a demanding project right now. I will do my best and organize the community effort and post my results. But most work will only be done on weekends. So be a little patien.
      As for "Ergodicity" - it had a prominent spot and was well received by the audience.

      best wishes