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 PREHISTORY:We have Solman ServiceDesk implemented in our company. We configured notification sending via SMTP when support message status changes. BUT we would like to send mail directly to the Production R/3 system using RML address so it could arrive in end-user’s business workplace.
In Active Global support we were advised to create a development request because this is not a standard functionality in solution manager.

This blog describes possible solution for this issue


Service incident is represented by BO BUS2000116 and status profile SLFN0001. So we need to extend this BO with some additional attributes, methods and events to achieve our goals.
In tcode SWO1 we create BUS2000116 successor (for instance, Z_SOFSEND) and maintain delegation type for BUS2000116 ( settings -> delegate )


Now we addtwo attributes to Z_SOFSEND representing Business Partner who reported the issue and one who is now processing an incident: PartnerReportedBy and PartnerProcessor accordingly


We can edit BO code via goto->program. Here are our new attributes texts:



Theese attributes are filled up with BP numbers which we can get from BO instance.

Lets define new method which will form and send notification to the user’s RML address.

Now lets define an event (ZCHANGE, for instance)


In tcode BSVW we maintain a rule to fire this event when status changed to “in process”



The last thing is to build a workflow which is instantiated by ZCAHNGE event:


and which contains one step performing method Z_SEND_SOF_RML defined for our BO


Now when status changes to “in process” business partner which reported the incident receives a notification in his or her business workplace.

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