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An interesting feature enabled with PI 7.1 EHP1, mentioned into SAP document

New Features & Benefits for Enhancement Package 1 for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1

, deals with User-Defined Message Search. It’s very interesting since it allows searching asynchronous message by business-relevant information criteria contained in the message payload. It also reduces TCO since separate TREX installation is not required. After defining filters and extractors, you just  need the access to Message Monitor java application to search payload of messages executed on both Integration Server and local Advanced Adapter Engine.

Let’s start with needed configuration steps and some useful remarks to quickly enable this feature.

System Configuration

Try to access http://<host>:<port>/nwapi and check if it’s properly configured, in case of issue please follow instructions contained into wiki


. A correct configuration shows PI Overview and common tasks list.

XI Component

To enable cache synchronization for defined filters and extractors, there is the need to create a logical port for Consumer proxy named MessageSearch with implemented operation SetMessageFilters. Since it’s a web service published in central Service Registry, you can also think to define filters and extractors with a different application.

Ws navigator

Beside this, just access transaction SOAMANAGER and follow instructions contained on Synchronizing the Cache section of SAP help page

Configuring the User-Defined Message Search

. Keep in mind that page contains information on how to configure filters and extractors as well.

Soa management

COnsumer Proxy


Web service navigator

Filters and Extractors definition

Main transaction to define, maintain and synchronize filters and extractors is SXMS_LMS_CONF. In the samples I created two different filters to check messages executed on both IS and local AAE. For each filter, it’s possible to maintain more than one extractor. The picture shows a filter with two extractors searching for name and surname fields of a Service Interface using XPath expression. Don’t forget to Synchronize Cache for any change done on filters and extractors.

Filter definition

After creating extractors, flag filter as active and then you can test it with test extractor function. In case of issue apply SAP

Note 1418263 – Transaction SXMS_LMS_CONF: Test function


Test extractor


Test Scenario

Before to proceed with User-defined message search test I want to remark an important point related to PI message monitoring application. If you access Sap Netweaver Administrator and follow the links SOA Management->Monitoring->PI Message Monitoring, you are accessing Message monitor application for ONLY local web services and local AAE processed messages and not the ones processed on Integration Server. A detailed description with more information is also available into SAP help page Monitoring Messages  (

Message Monitor

Finally, the scenarios I tested adopted following technology:

•    Soap->PI->File (AAE)

•    IDoc->PI->Proxy (IS)

After running a test over PI, access Message monitor application and select Database label of Integration Engine component, then choose Advanced, then Select User-Defined Attributes to add attributes defined with transaction SXMS_LMS_CONF.

Pi overview

Soap->PI->File scenario search results

AAE search

IDoc->PI->Proxy scenario search results

!|height=400|alt=IS search|width=599|src=!</body>

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  1. Former Member
    Good information. We were told that features released with 7.1 ehp1 is included in ehp1 for 7.0 as well. but i could see this feature in my 7.0 ehp1 system.. any comment?
    1. Niki Scaglione Post author
      Hi Michal,

      I don’t think this is a problem, Message Monitoring applications (the one for local searching and the “NWAPI” one) are the same java application. Differences are related to running parameters.   
      If NWAPI will be dismissed then the link on NWA should be adjusted to monitor IS messages as well.

      Kind regards,

      SOA Management->Monitoring->PI Message Monitoring

      NWAPI->Message Monitor

  2. Former Member

    Does this feature work for Synchronous scenarios.
    Also, say we trun off synch logging in a productive environment, will this feature work?

    Many thanks.

    Sudharshan N A

    1. Niki Scaglione Post author
      Even if it’s possible to create, test and synchronize Filters for synchronous scenario, then it’s not possible to search payload on nwapi for that kind of messages, but it’s possible to use standard defined filter (Message Header Data, Technical Attributes, Identifier).
      I guess this feature will be enhanced soon by SAP.
      Kind Regards,
  3. Laxman Molugu

    I did everything  I can run the test Extractor with success and synchronize cache succeffuly but when I run from /nwapi monioring I am getting below message(info type):
    “No messages available for selected filter criteria”

    I guess I still missing something or its not synchronized but how do I troubleshoot this issue?


    1. Former Member
      I am having the same problem. I run the extractor and everything is successful but the extractor could not find the filter.

      any help would be appreciated.



  4. Former Member
    I’m trying to set up a user defined message search in PI 7.1 Ehp 1 . I’ve followed all the steps as specified in the help as well as the blog

    I’ve triggered a test message and tried to find the message using the user define message fiiter in NWAPI . But was not able to find the message with the correct filter value,

    when i checked the SOAMANAGER -> Logs & Traces , I found some SOAP Exception

    Please find the trace records


    CX_SAMX_FAULT : Application Error | program: CL_SAMX_MBEAN_ACCESS==========CP include: CL_SAMX_MBEAN_ACCESS==========CM00A line: 52

    Can you please let me know if you have encountered a similar problem or any directions regarding the same.
    I feel there is a problem with the cache synchronization with the consumer proxy MessageSearch.But not sure of the specific solution

    1. Niki Scaglione Post author

      I had no similar problem, probably there is an error while creating Consumer Proxy on SOAMANAGER.Try to test service (SPROXY) to be sure it works.

      Kind Regards,

  5. Former Member

    It seem that fonctionnality is not supported by SAP in our production scenarios.

    Just look this help of SAP :

    SAP NetWeaver Administrator for PI and all monitoring tools it includes are not supported for use in production scenarios. We recommend to use Runtime Workbench for PI monitoring in production scenarios. The information provided here about SAP NetWeaver Administrator for PI is only for reference.

    For more information, see SAP notes 1446507 and 1247043.

    Take care of this.

    Annik Dutilly


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