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Web Dynpro ABAP on TV for beginner (Hello World)

This is my  first attempt in educational Video for sdn. This is a pure beginners video, and it is the “Hello World” version in Web Dynpro Abap ( WD ABAP ) . If you think this is a boring topic, feel free to look at the more advanced tutorials here at sdn. There is a great beginner series in blogs, that goes far beyond my little piece.

Web Dynpro is an advanced technology, bringing “Rich Client Frontend”   (Javascript based libraries) and Model/View Controler technologies to Web Dynpro ABAP inside our beloved SE80 (No need for fancy studios, when you doing WD for ABAP)  

The central data flow and the model based architecture is one reason for the steep learning curve, and as a reminder, I have a picture of this central model art the end.

So, enjoy the show and watch:


Here is the architectural overview of a generalized Web Dynpro structure:



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