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Show Online Status of MS Communicator Users in NetWeaver Portal

   The most of you know the *Microsoft Office Communicator* which connects to the Microsoft Office Live Communicator Server. The Microsoft Office Communicator *shows you the online status* of your contact list. As well it *offers you a nice set of user commands for collaboration services*. But even if you are not using the MS Office Communicator itself, perhaps you use the Microsoft Outlook function that shows the online status of the colleagues in the address line (from/to/cc). By moving your mouse to this online presence icon you can expand a set of user actions for using collaboration commands based on Microsoft products like MS Outlook and MS Office Communicator.     *Why not using theses features as well in the SAP NetWeaver Portal?*   You have an *intranet scenario* implemented with the *SAP NetWeaver Portal* and all portal users are stored in the Microsoft Active Directory (ADS). In this case it is easy to use this online presence function. You only have to write your own iView, which retrieves the users from the ADS and include special javascript code lines in your iView content. This javascript code launches an ActiveX control “NameCtrl” which connects to the MS Office Live Comminicator and shows the online presence information. The ActiveX control is able to provide to the end user a set of user commands for Microsoft based collaboration services.   The next picture shows an example of a possible implementation of an iView.  The following picture shows the online status information iView with an expanded on-object user inferface containing the user commands for Microsoft based collaboration services provided by MS Outlook and MS Communicator.
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  • Firstly nice blog but I have doubts regarding it’s use:-

    1. If I am already signed into Communicator, I would better check their status from it rather than checking it through an iView in Portal. Also chances are that users would be using Outlook much more than Portal in my opinion.

    2. Is the status integrated when you search for users through Collaboration/User Administration. If no then I don’t know if users would be excited to use it.


    • Hi Chintan,

      thanks for your comment.
      And of cause when you are still sign in in MS Communicator you would prefere to see the online status of your contact list in MS Communicator. But if you have write an iView which includes a list of portal user it is as well a nice feature to see immediately the online status especially you have not included the user in your personal MS Communicator user list.

      I get many question from customer side how to do this.
      And as well I do not think my solution replace the MS Communicator or vica versa. Because it depends on the user scenario which way you prefer to see the online status. From time to time it is MS Communicator. From time to time it is the Portal iView.

      Best regards

    • Hi Thomas,

      yes. This scenario works on every supported NetWeaver Portal plattform like UNIX. It is only important that the client side meets the mentioned prerequisite. In this case the client workstation must have installed a MS Windows operation system.
      Best regards